Apex Legends update 1.68 patch notes: Bow and Spitfire nerfs

Calum Patterson
Bocek bow in Apex Legends with Rampart

Apex Legends developers Respawn Entertainment have rolled out a patch to address some of the more powerful weapons in Season 9, namely the Bocek Bow and the Spitfire.

Despite a small nerf to the Spitfire in the Legacy patch notes, it wasn’t enough to totally bring it in line, with just a fairly minor recoil increase.

Meanwhile, the Bow probably released stronger than any other new weapon in the game, dealing high damage, with a big ammo stack, and very quiet shots.

Apex legends Bocek Bow
The Bocek Bow has been running rampant at the start of Season 9.

And, even though arrow ammo is scarce on the ground, the ability to recover fired arrows can lead to it almost feeling a bit like an infinite ammo weapon.

Thankfully, before the situation got too out of hand, Respawn has confirmed a nerf for the Bow is already being released, just a week after Season 9 launched.

The Spitfire has had its damage reduced by 1 per bullet, and the mag size for Purple and Gold reduced by 5.

Meanwhile, the base damage for a fully-drawn bow shot will be reduced to 60 (was 70), and draw time has been increased. Also, the Stack size for ammo has been reduced to 14, and the slot size all the way to 28, from 48.

Apex Legends 1.67 patch notes

  • Fixed an error that was preventing players from logging in (“Array index 1 is out of range”)
  • Arenas matches will now end if there are no players left on the enemy team
  • Arenas should now track “time survived” more consistently
  • Arenas should now longer display the “Apex Legends” screen transition with incorrect texture sometimes
  • Fixed low detail player models in the lobby.
  • Valkyrie’s passive no longer highlights players that are not alive and/or in spectator mode
  • Bloodhound will no longer be able to see tracking markers for Valkyrie while she’s using her jet pack. This is a temporary measure done to improve stability.
  • Addressed an error with the stats page which was triggered by switching back and forth between Arenas stats and Battle Royale stats
  • Valkyrie bundle promo image now properly directs players to the in-game store
  • General stability improvements

Late Afternoon PT playlist update:

  • Fixed a rock on Phaserunner that lacked collision detection (no more hiding inside ghost rocks
  • Spitfire Adjustments:
    • Per bullet damage decreased from 19>18
    • Purple/Gold mag size reduced from 55>50
  • Bocek Bow adjustments:
    • Max charge body shot damage decreased from 70>60
    • Charge up time increased from 0.54 > 0.56
    • Deadeye’s Temp charge up time increased from 0.36 > 0.38
    • Stack size decreased from 16 > 14, inventory slot count decreased from 48 > 28

Arenas Flash Event challenges

In addition to the weapon changes, the first Arenas Flash event is also live, offering rewards like crafting metals, Battle Pass stars, and Apex packs.

It remains to be seen if these changes will be enough to balance out the weapons, especially the Bow, which has been dominating lobbies across Battle Royale and Arenas.

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