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When is Ranked Arenas coming to Apex Legends?

Published: 5/May/2021 16:23

by James Busby


Apex Legends Arena mode promises to switch up the way players compete, but when will the ranked 3v3 mode release? 

Apex Legends’ Arenas is a new permanent game mode that launched alongside the Legacy update. Unlike the regular 60-player player battle royale game mode, Arena condenses the adrenaline-fueled action into smaller 3v3 battles. This means you’ll really be able to flex your skills without the fear of being third partied by an enemy squad.

The Arenas game mode shares a lot of similarities to that of CS:GO and Valorant as players use materials earned during the previous rounds to purchase weapons, ordnance, and healing supplies. There’s a lot of strategy in this round-based mode and many fans will be looking to show off their skills when the ranked mode releases.


Apex Legends Arenas ranked mode release date

Apex Legends arena map
Respawn Entertainment
Party Crasher is one of two custom arenas you can play on.

Apex Legends Arenas may have only just launched alongside the Season 9 update, but many players will be wondering when the game’s ranked mode will release. While no official announcement has been made by Respawn, we do know that it is coming. 

“Take your time, learn the ropes, and get your feet wet in the Arenas,” says Respawn. “We’ll continue to add more features like Ranked in future updates.” This obviously has a lot of fans excited, especially given how Apex Legends ranked mode has proved to be so popular. 

Despite the current Arenas mode not having a ranked system in play, there is an MMR system in place. Respawn’s Director of Comms, Ryan K. Rigney stated: “There actually is a hidden MMR-style rating system even in pubs for Arenas, so should start to feel less stompy after you get enough games in.” 

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So, there you have, everything we know about Apex Legends Arenas ranked mode. Make sure you check back here as we’ll update this piece with the official release date when we hear more information.