Apex Legends hacker Tufi denies rumors he’s in jail

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Apex Legends hacker
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Infamous Apex Legends hacker Tufi has denied the allegations he’s facing legal action from EA, and NRG Rogue’s claims that he’s in jail while going through the court process.

It’s no secret Apex Legends has had problems with cheaters and DDoSers in high ranks of play. Some players will do anything to gain an advantage, even if it means spoiling the experience for everyone else.

One hacker that’s certainly garnered a reputation for taking over and ruining games at the high ranks is Tufi.

Popping up in pros and streamers games regularly, this player used an aimbot and hacks, making him nearly impossible to beat. However, after disappearing for a while, players have been wondering what’s happened to the infamous cheater.

Looking for an update on his situation, fans took to a fellow streamer’s channel and hit him up with some questions. In his response, NRG Rogue claimed EA had tracked down Tufi’s identity and is pursuing legal action against the hacker.

(Timestamp in the video below at 0:14)

During one of NRG Rogue’s Twitch streams, one of his viewers asked what happened to the hacker, Tufi. The popular Apex pro player then alleged that the cheater was in jail and facing severe legal action from EA.

According to Rogue, he had warned Tufi that consequences would come around if he didn’t stop what he was doing, but the advice fell on deaf ears.

“He’s in jail. That man is going through the court process right now, tried to warn him, tried to tell everybody, but yeah, our dude is now buried under legal fees.

“Not even joking. I’m not joking. EA got a hold of that dumb f**k. Straight punished his ass.”

Tufi denies jail and lawsuit allegations

The allegations weren’t out a few hours before Tufi came out with a new video of his own denying that he was in jail or in any trouble with EA, even including (stop fake rumors am not in jail) in the title.

“There we go i guess with this videos is proof am not in jail or being sued LOL,” Tufi wrote in the description for the short video that came out, sure enough, on May 10 after the rumors he was in trouble began to surface. It could very well have been filmed a little earlier, but it does seem to be on the latest patch of Apex Legends.

How did EA supposedly track Tufi down?

Very few details have been revealed on the specifics of the situation but it appears that EA and Respawn were allegedly able to find out Tufi’s real identity around the same time a YouTuber successfully got him to reveal his details under false pretenses.

On April 24, a YouTuber by the name of Bor0 managed to contact Tufi and convinced the hacker they were a journalist, when in reality they were just trying to catfish him into leaking his info.

It’s not known whether  Bor0’s video was what led to the rumors in the first place or not, but if Tufi is already back making videos, it seems unlikely he’s in real trouble, right now anyways.

To a lot of Apex fans, the news was definitely plausible, especially following Respawn’s recent stance on cheating and hacking in-game. The company revealed that they will pursue legal action for serious hacking cases and this would certainly include Tufi.

Right now it all depends on who you want to believe in the case as according to the hacker, he’s not in any trouble at all. We’ll be on the lookout for more details and will fill you in with what we find, when we get it.

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