Crypto’s Heirloom finally revealed in Apex Legends Warriors Collection event

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Apex Legends’ resident hacker has finally got his heirloom – the Biwon Blade. Despite releasing in Season 3, Crypto has seen other Legends get their heirlooms first, but it’s his time to shine in the Warriors Collection event.

Heirlooms are the most sought-after items in Apex, and are the perfect companion for your favorite character, as you can have them equipped at all times. But, as they are only released once per season, some characters have to wait a while to get their own.

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Despite being the third post-launch Legend, Crypto has had to wait the longest, with Revenant and Rampart even getting theirs first, despite releasing later.

Finally though, Crypto mains can rejoice, as the Biwon Blade Heirloom is finally here.

Crypto Heirloom apex legendsRespawn Entertainment
Crypto finally has his heirloom: The Biwon Blade

Crypto Heirloom: Biwon Blade

Releasing in the Warrior’s Collection event, starting on March 29, Crypto’s Heirloom will be available to unlock after completing the collection.

Alternatively, if you don’t unlock the 24 cosmetics, it will be placed into the Mythic store, available for 150 heirloom shards.

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And Crypto mains will certainly be keen to unlock this particular heirloom, as it lives up to the high expectations.

The heirloom comes with some special animations too, as all heirlooms typically do. Crypto even takes out an old image of his family from his life before the games, with his foster sister Mila and Mystik, who took him in.

The blade folds away for easy storage too, just like his drone.

However, heirlooms are no longer the only items of this level of rarity anymore, as Apex has added Prestige Skins too – the first of which was for Bloodhound, released at the start of Season 12.

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The next heirloom could be for Loba or Valkyrie – and if you don’t mind spoilers, leaks have already shown what Valkyrie’s heirloom could look like.

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