Apex Legends trick lets you use Loba’s cane like an Heirloom

Loba Apex Legends HeirloomRespawn Entertainment

A strange interaction has been discovered in Apex Legends allows Loba players to use the cane from her Ultimate as an Heirloom.

So far, Respawn has released 11 Heirlooms into Apex Legends, each with exclusive animations tailored made for their respective character.

Despite this, there are still a lot of Legends on the roster that are waiting for their special rare collectible, and one of them is Loba.

Although fans of the Translocating Theif were holding out hope she’d be next on the list after Wattson, more and more leaks are indicating that Crypto will be getting his Heirloom in the next collection event.

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Despite this, an interaction has been discovered that allows Loba mains to wield the cane from her Ultimate as a make-shift Heirloom, and it’s certainly got Loba mains excited.

Loba Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment
Loba has a 3.7% pick rate.

Loba’s Ultimate can be used as an Heirloom

Showcased by Apex Legends YouTuber Skeptation, it’s possible to keep Loba’s cane equipped while removing the hologram animation of the Black Market.

This means you can effectively run around with a cane Heirloom, or at least pretend that it’s a melee weapon, as it can’t be inspected or be used to attack an enemy.

To perform the interaction, it’s just a case of pressing her Ultimate so the hologram is out in front of you, then simply climb over an open door and the animation should disappear.

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Keep in mind, you will run slightly slower with your Ultimate out compared to the standard running speed, so be wary of keeping the cane out in heated encounters.

Although it’s nowhere near as exciting as a real Heirloom, it does give Loba mains an option while they’re waiting for her rare collectible to arrive.

Not only that, as it’s an interaction that doesn’t affect gameplay or present players with advantage, it’s unlikely Respawn is going to fix this fun glitch anytime soon.