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Apex Legends trailer reveals locations of four new ult-charging points

Published: 11/May/2020 16:29

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends’ season five trailer may have given fans a look at additional ultimate charging stations scattered around Kings Canyon as it appears that there are more than two as previously believed. 

With the hype for Apex Legends season five building to fever pitch, fans of the popular battle royale have been trying to get an early look at what the developers have in store for them. Respawn has already revealed Loba as the new legend, as well as a few map changes, but a new feature really has players buzzing.

The ultimate charging station was revealed in the gameplay trailer as Gibraltar was able to get a Defensive Bombardment barrage raining down in an area that is meant to be situated around Wetlands. Yet, there appears to be more than one.

Respawn Entertainment
Loba will soon be dropping into Apex Legends with the Season 5 update.

Reddit user Ponsobnie noted that if you give the gameplay trailer a closer look, you’ll see more than the two obvious ones that were on show – the supposed Wetlands area and the cliff edge that Loba teleports up to.

According to the Redditor, there appears to be an additional charging point in the center of the crane structure that is shown just before the charging station is revealed. There is also, supposedly, another one close to the apparent Wetlands area that is shown in the trailer. 

*Update to my previous post* There are minimum 4 yellow ulti charge devices on Kings Canyon (Added one under near Skull… Canyon, Pit or something?) from apexlegends

If there are two charging stations pretty much on top of each other, that would no dominate lead to some interesting fights – especially if you’ve ultimates like Defensive Bombardment, Rolling Thunder, and Lifeline’s Care Package.

Obviously, we won’t have long to wait to see if Ponsobnie’s theory turns out to be correct. After a small delay, Apex Legends season five will launch on Tuesday, May 12 – so we’ll get to see everything from the new map changes, the all-new cosmetics, and everything else that Respawn has in store.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends player turns pretending to be an MRVN into a 1000 IQ play

Published: 23/Jan/2021 1:46 Updated: 23/Jan/2021 1:53

by Bill Cooney


One Apex Legends player’s role-playing adventure as one of MRVN NPC’s found on the map actually worked out quite well for them and could be a sneaky strategy to watch out for going forward.

Look, sometimes MVRN’s aren’t even worth your time to loot. They don’t really drop a lot unless you can attach one of their arms. However, that makes them prime bait material — because who knew Pathfinder could become Mirage?

Reddit user ‘warartic’ has showed off the ingenious decoy mechanic using the MVRNs scattered around the map to pull a fast one on an opponent, and all it took was a clever name and choosing Pathfinder as their legend.

Pathfinder flying across screen with grapple hook.
Respawn Entertainment
Pathfinder is technically an MVRN, but with a lot more personality.

In the clip, the player, named “I’m MVRN” stands completely still with Pathfinder as enemies battle it out around them, and somehow none of the other players seem to suspect a thing.

Inside the final circle, most players amazingly don’t even give the imposter a second look. There is one Bloodhound who’s so close to getting it, and starts shooting them, but doesn’t do enough to finish them off. Apparently, they were satisfied that the lack of any reaction made what they were shooting an NPC.

The battle unfolds around the disguised player for over a minute until they finally decide to spring their trap at the perfect moment. With just one other squad left, they break character and go to eliminate the enemy Bangalore getting up her teammate, sealing the victory in one of the most hilarious and ridiculous ways we’ve seen lately.

I pretend to be a MRVN and can’t believe this happened lmao from apexlegends

Thankfully, it’s easy to tell whether or not it’s an actual MVRN or just a sneaky player trying to pull a fast one. First off, upon closer inspection Path is much more streamlined and rounded compared to the NPC versions, who will also have a green, glowing light on their face.

Non-player MVRN’s will also just be called “MVRN” on their nametag, nothing else, and react to you when you find them, some are also lootable as well. If you just see a suspicious-looking robot standing completely still in the corner of a room, go ahead and light it up, just to be safe.

You certainly don’t want to be the one caught by this strategy, which is apparently effective enough to score wins all on its own. So, take an extra second and make sure any MVRN actually isn’t a player in disguise, and you should be safe from an embarrassing elimination like this.