Apex Legends strikepack cheater caught & mocked for “horrible” gameplay

Wraith Apex Legends cheaterRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends strikepack user has been caught red-handed and mocked for their “horrible” gameplay by the community.

Just like in any FPS, hackers are a huge problem in Apex Legends as they ruin the competitive integrity of matches.

While the anti-cheat is capable of banning those using third-party software, there are unfair advantages players use that are harder for the system to detect.

One of these is strikepacks, a device that can be attached to a controller to pull the trigger at unbelievable speeds. Although they’re useless on full-auto weapons, they give single-fire guns insane TTKs as they’re not designed to be shot that quickly.

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Well, a strikepacker was caught red-handed by the community, and players were surprised at how “horrible” their gameplay was.

Wraith Apex Legends gunRespawn Entertainment
Strikepacks are devices that can be attached to controllers to fire single-fire weapons at an unrealistic speed.

Apex Legends strikepack cheater caught red-handed

Taking to the Apex Legends subreddit, user Nervous_Difficulty_6 posted a clip of a strikepack cheater they caught in the “wild”.

After being eliminated by an enemy Wraith, Nervous_Difficulty_6 decided to spectate the player and quickly realized they were using a device to enhance their fire rate.

Using the R-301 Carbine on single-fire mode, the Wraith was firing the gun so fast that it seemed to be breaking the audio and sounded incredibly strange.

Not only that, the strikepacker looks like they had almost no recoil at all when shooting the weapon, which may have been third-party software or a feature of the device.

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After seeing the clip, the community quickly mocked the cheater’s “horrible” gameplay and couldn’t believe that someone could “still be that bad” while using a device on their controller.

Others even pointed out that using the R-301 on single fire seems pointless at close range when the full auto mode would perform better.

Either way, it’s clear all the users on the thread agree that “cheaters ruin the game”, and they want to see Respawn do more to combat them.