Apex Legends players mock “pathetic” cheater for dying immediately in pubs

Wraith Apex Legends cheaterRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have slammed a “pathetic” hacker for cheating in pubs and then proceeding to die immediately at the start of a match.

Cheating is a problem for any competitive video game, especially battle royales like Apex Legends where only one squad can take victory.

While some players are happy spending hours refining their skills in the Firing Range, others prefer to take shortcuts and cheat.

The most common form of hacks are aimbots, which effectively make it impossible to miss a single bullet from any distance.

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Although you’d assume this would guarantee you the win in every match, one “pathetic” cheater is being mocked by Apex Legends players after being eliminated in pubs right at the start of a game.

Wraith Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Cheaters have become a huge problem in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends cheater roasted after being wiped out instantly

During an unranked match on Olympus, Reddit user HammyA and their squad ran into a solo Pathfinder equipped with an R99.

The enemy quickly wiped out the entire team in a matter of seconds and seemingly couldn’t miss a single shot. After entering the spectate screen, HammyA quickly realized they were using third-party software and had an aimbot.

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Although HammyA expected the hacker to go on a killing spree and win the match, only seconds later, they were wiped out of the game by an opposing squad.

The cheater heard the enemies coming but decided to take an extremely poor position for the gunfight, leaving them exposed and dead in an instant.

Posting the clip to Reddit, HammyA was confused as to why a hacker would decide to cheat in pubs. However, the reaction from players was to mock the cheater who somehow got eliminated despite having an aimbot.

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“Cheaters who leave on their low-level badge and slap a 4k/20 bomb next to it are not even trying to hide it… They’re beyond pathetic.,” wrote one user, with another mocking the Pathfinder by saying “It’s kinda funny how every cheater is just terrible at the game even with aimbot”.

While it’s clear the community has a lot of fun roasting hackers who get caught on camera, the rampant use of third-party software still causes a huge amount of frustration for players.

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Fingers crossed Respawn rolls out an anti-cheat upgrade in the near future as it would certainly garner a lot of praise and improve the overall gameplay experience.