Apex Legends streamers call for Ranked split extension due to server issues

Apex Legends bloodhoundActivision

With Apex Legends servers facing massive issues, several top players and streamers have called for the devs to extend the ongoing Ranked split so that the community doesn’t miss out on their goals or ranks in the current split.

Following the 10.1 patch, Apex Legends has been facing a multitude of issues, but most of all the servers have become a serious problem.

Many players have complained about the laggy gameplay and timeouts costing them ranks, making for some incredibly frustrating gameplay.

While the Apex devs have since shared a weekend-long timeline for fixing the server issues from September 16 onwards, players want to ensure their Ranked efforts aren’t going to be simply lost in the void.

Leading the charge are some of the top streamers and personalities in Apex. The latest 100 Thieves recruit NiceWigg was one of the first to request changes.

“Ranked split HAS to be extended for those who aren’t playing Apex every day all day and are trying to hit a certain rank,” he demanded.

This sentiment was echoed by NRG streamer Rogue. “People are wanting to achieve some ranks,” he said. “This is probably frustrating for them, people don’t play every day — it’s the least you could do!”

Meanwhile, Lululuvely put her thoughts very simply, putting out a tweet urging Respawn to #extendthesplit.

Whether the current Ranked split does get extended remains to be seen, but Respawn have made it clear they’re planning to implement fixes until servers are back to normal. Needless to say, many players will be very disappointed if the ranked split doesn’t get extended.