Apex Legends streamer SweetDreams gets high-ranked hackers banned live on stream

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Christopher ‘sweetdreams’ Sexton got a set of Master-tier Apex Legends hackers banned live on stream after running into them in Ranked.

Apex Legends is a competitive game at its core and the majority of players who dive down into the Outlands are looking to take home the victory.

This desire to win is amplified in Ranked, as your performance and placement determine the number of points you lose or gain at the end of a match.

While some players spend hours honing their skills, others prefer to take shortcuts and cheat using third-party software. Although this often goes under the radar, running into a streamer can be costly, as it’s usually obvious when an enemy is using hacks.

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Well, that’s exactly what happened to a group of cheaters who ran into SweetDreams in Ranked. After being caught on camera, an Apex dev swiftly banned their accounts live on stream.

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Cheaters are a huge problem at high ranks in Apex Legends.

Whole squad of cheaters banned live in SweetDreams stream

During his October 5 stream, Sweet and his squad were eliminated by an enemy team in Ranked, and something didn’t seem quite right with their gameplay.

It didn’t take the Apex pro long to figure out that all three players were cheating and after spectating them for a while, he decided to take action.

Messaging Respawn dev Conor ‘Hideouts’ Ford, Sweet notified Security Analyst about the hackers and he was quick to bring down the hammer on all of them.

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Loba was the first to be banned live on stream and realizing they were next, both the Horizon and Pathfinder began waiting around until it was their turn.

While it’s great to see high-ranked cheaters banned off the ladder, two of these accounts appeared to be relatively new.

This means these hackers will likely just jump onto another account and continue unfairly climbing the ladder.

Despite this, it’s always satisfying to see cheaters banned live on stream and it was great to see Sweet notify Respawn almost immediately.