Apex Legends devs eyeing Revenant changes in Season 10 to curb “Revtane” duo

Revenant looks into Apex Legends mirror.Respawn Entertainment

The Revenant-Octane duo has been divisive in Apex Legends, especially with the combo’s recent resurgence. To try and curb its power, Respawn are eyeing more changes to Rev’ in Season 10 to bring the pair back in line.

As far as pairings go in Apex Legends, it’s hard to come past a better duo than Revenant and Octane. The two hyper-aggressive Legends are made for each other, allowing for some pretty hard-to-punish plays with their mobility and durability combined.

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The combo of Revenant’s death totem (and the second life), as well as Octane’s pad, means you can take some pretty aggressive fights with no risk.

As fun as it is to play, it’s as infuriating to play against.

From issues with Octane’s audio making it impossible to hear at times, to the ability to launch right back in after being sent back from the totem, it can be pretty broken.

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Respawn are aware of it themselves. Developer John ‘JayBiebs’ Larson even said himself he “falls victim to the Revtane”, just like the rest of us. However, they’re looking at doing something about it in time for Apex Legends Season 10.

Revenant climbing Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Revenant’s climbing buff was good, but players are more worried about his Death Totem.

“Rev is a cool character. The fantasy is cool. The goal of these last sweep changes was to lean into that a bit more and give him a bit more individual power because he sucked in one-on-ones. He was the size of a fridge and didn’t have Fortify,” he said on a July 12 podcast.

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“The design is okay, but a lot of the frustration stems from a lack of feedback in understanding when a Rev is in the area. Whether that be audio issues or feedback about where the totem is, it’s hard…to capitalize on a Rev misplay.”

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While the team has discussed many changes ⁠— like removing the ability to take pad after activating the Revenant totem ⁠— they’re looking towards smaller balance adjustments that can prevent Revtane teams from jumping back in right away after ‘dying’ the first time.

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“The easy fix is to make it so they [Revtane] can’t use Jump Pad, but that’s a very temporary bandaid and you could get around that with a lot of other mobility characters, now or future,” he explained.

The related segment begins at 22:20.

“You get sent back to the totem, you have 50 health so you often resend. We can tune with that, we can tune with the visibility of the totem in the world because right now you can tuck it away in a room so easily.

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“With stuff like Loba ult, you know when she’s ulting in the area because there’s a big VFX. You know when Bloodhound is scanning because you can see the big scan. These are a couple of things we’re exploring but we are looking in the right spots for the ultimate and the tactical.”

With audio fixes for Octane’s pad reportedly being worked on, another slight adjustment to Revenant on top of his Genesis Collection changes might finally add a bit more counterplay to the Revtane combo.

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