Apex Legends players want an old feature back to stop hackers

Apex Legends Players

Respawn Entertainment did away with the spectator indicator to crack down on spying. But now, their player base is rallying to see it return as a way to combat hackers.

When it comes to demands from their fans, Respawn Entertainment has, more times than not, answered the call to improve Apex Legends. They have improved their game through each patch as they work tirelessly to create a cheat-free environment for their loyal player-base.

But through these patches and attempts to crack down as much as possible, some features had to be sacrificed.

Some players recently began reminiscing about how things used to be in Apex Legends pre-anti-cheat days and, as usual, took to Reddit to voice their feelings.

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One of the discussions involved a feature that made cheating incredibly easy–but fans may have found a solution to bring it back and, shockingly, stop hackers.

A Faction of Apex Legend Players Want to See the Spectator Count Return

Apex Legends PlayersApex Legends players want to see the spectator indicator make a return.

There was a time when the in-game UI for Apex Legends boasted an eyeball to let you know how many players were watching you after you wrecked them. It was the best of times, but it also proved to be the worst of times.

Cheaters suddenly met players with the dark side of a great, simple mechanic: Spying. Apex Legends players would use the feature to watch an enemy and then relay the message to their living teammate where exactly they were on the map.

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But, despite this reasoning, fans are clamoring for the return of their precious spectator mode.

In a recent Reddit post, Apex Players were posed with a question: “Should they bring back the spectator’s indicator?” Garnering 3.1k likes and 330 comments, the post struck up an honest dialogue on how returning the feature to the game could help stop hackers.

Suggestions on How Spectator Indicator Could Stop Hackers

Apex legends PlayersApex Legends players gathered on Reddit to discuss what a return of the spectator indicator could look like.

One user named ‘HandoAlegra’ suggested that Respawn Entertainment bring back the spectator’s indicator, but change the format to prevent cheaters from abusing it as spyware.

“Maybe they should bring it back but set it to like… 4 people watching before it shows up for trios,” HandoAlegra stated in their Reddit comment. “And 3 for duos? Cheaters draw crowds.”

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Another user named Rampart, whom the original post belongs to, offered some more insight into the matter, elaborating on what HandoAlegra previously stated. “Come to think of it. It should always be visible to spectators,” said Rampart. “That way, if someone is suspicious, then a spectator will know they aren’t the only one.”

Right now, it isn’t easy to know whether or not Respawn Entertainment will bring back the spectator indicator. But one thing is for sure – fans are hungry to see the return of a feature that has been absent for some time now.