Apex Legends players still want long-awaited Mirage change for self revives

Mirage in yellow dancing in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players have suggested the devs buff Mirage’s cloak so he can go invisible while using the self-revive shield.

Apex Legends players are commonly demanding balance changes and new features from developers Respawn Entertainment.

From requesting an “insane and unbalanced” 5-person squad mode to calling for a major shakeup to the care package weapons, the devs have a lot of suggestions to consider.

Furthermore, the latest suggestion by the Apex community is to buff Mirage’s cloak so he can go invisible while self-reviving.

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Apex Legends Mirage Season 0Respawn Entertainment
Mirage has been buffed several times since Apex Legends release but hasn’t received a strengthening in some time.

Currently while reviving a teammate and using Respawn Beacons, Mirage will become invisible, allowing for stealthy revives.

However, in a Reddit thread posted on January 8, Apex Legends player Unparalleled_Pilgrim suggested the devs buff Mirage’s cloak so he can also go invisible while using the gold knockdown shield.

“I was always thinking that whenever Mirage goes for a revive he cloaks himself and you, but I was thinking wouldn’t it make Mirage more of a jack of all trades if he could cloak himself on self-res,” the player questioned.

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Other players chimed in on the thread, and some believe the buffs could make Mirage too powerful: “I was thinking about the same thing when it comes to Mirage getting revived, but it might be overpowered.”

On the other hand, another player questioned why it isn’t one of Mirage’s abilities already and doesn’t think the change would be overpowered: “Yes, I don’t get why he doesn’t,” said one. “If he goes invisible while reviving teammates and using the Respawn Beacon then he should go invisible for self revive too. It’s pretty easy to hear so I don’t think it would be overpowered.”

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With Apex Legends Season 12 on the horizon with its expected February 8 release, it’s likely we won’t see any changes to Mirage’s kit until then if the devs do decide to take the suggestion on board.

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