Apex Legends players call for major shakeup to care package weapons

Apex Legends care packages hold special weapons in them and players want a shakeupRespawn Entertainment

The current care package weapons were adjusted at the start of Season 11 but now Apex Legends players are calling for further shakeups to the extremely rare airdrop items. 

Every season brings along new items to the Care Package rotation. In Season 10, we saw the Alternator and Spitfire enter into the pod, and in Season 11 the G7 Scout joined the mix as the Triple Take was rotated out.

While the regular change is meant to keep the gameplay fresh all season, some players have already grown tired of the current lineup.

Apex Legends player call for Care Package shakeup

Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The Alternator was a popular addition to the Care Package system in Season 10 but it may have overstayed its welcome.

The major talking point when it comes to these special weapons in Season 11 is the Alternator.

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Having been in the package for the better part of two seasons, players have grown impatient waiting for the low-recoil submachine gun to come back to the regular loot pool.

As one commenter recalled, the gun did get outperformed by its competitors when it was on the ground, but it offered a unique playstyle for the SMG category: “It was my favorite SMG for a really long time. Despite knowing R99 and Volt were essentially better SMGs, Alternator just resonates with me.”

On top of that, players in the thread also shared their wishes for the G7 Scout to make its way back to being a ground loot option.

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One particularly passionate user suggested that the lack of ammo available in the care package version is significantly holding the gun back.

“The worst part is care package G7 isn’t even worth picking up with its 120 bullets. Loved that gun before but only pick it up if there are like two other teams left.”

While the guns in the care package likely won’t see any change until the debut of Season 12, it’s clear that the community is ready for a major switch-up when the time comes.