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Apex Legends players claim constant lag & server issues are making game “unplayable”

Published: 1/Jun/2022 14:19 Updated: 1/Jun/2022 14:23

by Alex Garton


Apex Legends players are growing frustrated with the lag caused by server issues which is making matches “unplayable”.

Season 13 of Apex Legends received an overwhelming amount of praise from the community with players enjoying all of the new content that was added.

Whether it was the Heroic Defender Newcastle, the brand new POI on Storm Point, or the Ranked Reloaded overhaul, it’s safe to say Respawn knocked it out of the park with Saviors.

Despite this, although every major update introduces a range of impressive features, the servers continue to cause significant issues for players.

Labeling the game as “unplayable”, a lot of the community is starting to lose their patience with the constant prediction errors and want the devs to find a solution.


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Server issues have been a problem in Apex Legends for a long time.

Apex players call on Respawn to fix server issues

Posted to the Apex Legends subreddit on June 1, user MOCbKA showcased the rampant server issues causing the community issues in Season 13.

With constant prediction error symbols, players are forced to move around with crippling lag that effectively makes matches “unplayable” as it’s impossible to know where your opponents are moving.

According to the comments on the thread, this isn’t a rare occurrence with countless players revealing that they face the same server problems on a regular basis.

“Omg, I have been having this at least half my night almost every night… Multiple games with it then multiple without it.”


Respawn, fix your shit. Ping is ok, internet speed is ok, no losses or chokes. Just your game constantly giving me prediction errors. How am I supposed to play new hardcore ranked system this way? from apexlegends

As the problem is server-side, there’s very little a player can do to combat the lag which can be extremely frustrating during a Ranked match.

Some Reddit users have encouraged those who regularly experience server issues to reboot their game, which apparently can sometimes alleviate the stuttering.

“Happens to me often (not always) when I’m alt-tabbed waiting for game… Fix for this is just alt+f4 quit and relaunch game.”

However, when it comes to a long-term fix, the community is going to have to hope Respawn has a solution in the pipeline.