Apex Legends players think Lifeline is still stronger than Newcastle in Season 13

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After concerns Lifeline was going to be pushed out of the meta in Season 13, Apex Legends players have now decided the Combat Medic is stronger than Newcastle.

Season 13 of Apex Legends introduced Ranked Reloaded, a brand new POI, and a range of balance changes that heavily impacted the meta.

Despite this, it was the Heroic Defender Newcastle that garnered most of the attention thanks to his selfless kit that can seemingly help allies escape any gunfight, no matter the odds.

Of course, not everyone was pleased with the arrival of the mighty shield-bearer, with Lifeline mains complaining that she would become useless in Saviors as there would be no reason to pick her.

Well, just three weeks after the seasonal update, players appear to have changed their minds about Newcastle, claiming Lifeline is in fact the stronger Legend.

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Apex Legends players have been calling for Lifeline buffs for several seasons.

Apex players think Lifeline is better than Newcastle

Newcastle’s arrival in the Outlands was a cause for concern for a lot of Lifeline players, who originally thought the Heroic Defender had a stronger and improved version of the Combat Medic’s kit.

With a Passive similar to her old res-shield and the ability to pull allies out of danger, the assumption was that Newcastle was going to push Lifeline out of the meta completely.

Well, now the dust has settled from the major update, players seem to have changed their minds on the matter, realizing that Lifeline’s Passive has a lot more power than they originally thought.

“Being able to shoot and revive at the same time is an amazing asset… She can prevent the push with gunfire and grenades while the revive is happening”.

The ability to fight back while reviving is an extremely useful ability for Lifeline and was one of the reasons why the devs were confident she wouldn’t need buffs in Season 13.

As expected, not everyone agrees that the Combat Medic is better than Newcastle, with some players arguing that the shield-bearer performs better in a coordinated squad.

“Newcastle’s kit is way better for a team or as a solo player… the only thing I can think of she has the advantage in is hitbox size”.

Either way, now the community is starting to appreciate Lifeline more, it’ll be interesting to see if the calls for buffs or a rework die down as Season 14 approaches.

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