Apex Legends players are sabotaging teammates to finish Bloodhound Chronicles event

After dropping into the wrong map, Apex Legends players have been killing their own teammates so they can complete the Bloodhound Chronicles event as quickly as possible.

Despite being a battle royale title, Apex Legends is extremely good at story-telling and showcasing the origins of each of the Legends on the roster.

Whether it’s through in-game comics, Stories from the Outlands videos, or even mysterious character voice lines, Respawn is always building up and expanding on the game’s lore.

Well, hoping to make the storyline and lore of the game more accessible to players, the devs introduced the Bloodhound Chronicles event to the game on September 29.

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Although the community is enjoying the quest-line and objectives, some players are already ruining matches just to complete the event as quickly as possible.

Bloodhound Event Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The Bloodhound Chronicles event began on September 29.

Apex Legends players are ruining matches to complete event

While the Bloodhound Chronicles event isn’t particularly difficult to complete, it has a few key requirements. For one, players have to have locked in Bloodhound and be playing on the Worlds Edge map, as this is where the quest-line is based.

Unfortunately, as the maps are on rotation, some players are dropping into Kings Canyon or Olympus and forcing themselves off the map as soon as they realize it’s wrong.

If they happen to be the Jumpmaster, this can result in the whole squad being killed immediately at the beginning of a match.

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This is exactly what happened to FacchiniBR when they decided to hop into a Kings Canyon match, with their Bloodhound opting to kill him and the other squad member.

It’s clear players are forgetting to check the current map on rotation and immediately eliminating themselves to save some time. However, this is coming at the expense of the other squad members and ruining matches.

A simple solution would be to use ‘No-fill’ feature on the menu which stops players from being put with any teammates. This would prevent matches from being sabotaged and allow anyone to complete the quest in peace.

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While this doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue, it’ll be interesting to see if Respawn shifts their approach to story events in the future with players deliberately taking down their teammates.