How to complete Bloodhound Apex Chronicles event: Old Ways, New Dawn

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Respawn Entertainment

A new form of story event is coming to Apex Legends with Bloodhound getting the first quest line with the ‘Old Ways, New Dawn’ missions. Here’s how to complete Bloodhound’s Apex Chronicles event.

At this point, Respawn Entertainment are known for weaving intricate stories behind every one of their characters. There’s been everything from their Stories of the Outlands series to in-game Town Takeovers that celebrate Legends’ lore.

In Season 5, the devs even released the Broken Ghost quest line that changed the game of how Apex’s events unfolded for players.

The studio is now introducing “bite-sized story events” inside of the battle royale with Apex Chronicles.

The first will star the Technological Tracker as they “try to save an injured prowler and deal with the guilt over their crumbling homeworld and past failures.”

Bloodhound’s Apex Chronicles release date

apex legends chronicles bloodhound
Respawn Entertainment
Bloodhound is the first Apex Legend to get a Chronicle event.

Apex Legends’ first Chronicle event will launch on September 29 for all platforms.

From there, people who drop into a non-ranked battle royale match on World’s Edge as Bloodhound will have the option to trigger the side quest.

How to complete Bloodhound Old Ways, New Dawn missions


apex legends chronicle bloodhound
Respawn Entertainment
Look for the White Raven in World’s Edge to start Bloodhound’s quest. Remember, you must play as Bloodhound.

The first mission will start every player with the ‘White Raven Prologue,’ which you simply have to click ‘Start’ to embark on the quest.

Pick Bloodhound, then drop into World’s Edge and be on the lookout for a White Raven that will trigger the first event.

Chapter 1

Respawn Entertainment via kandyrew YT
The White Raven will spawn on World’s Edge for Bloodhound players.

Once you drop into the game as Bloodhound, head over to the south side of Lava Siphon where you’ll be able to find and ‘investigate’ the White Raven.

You’ll use Bloodhound’s scan to track the injured Prowler. If you can’t find any more tracking icons, then wait for your scan’s cooldown and use it again.

Continue that until you reach your objective and you’ll have completed the first chapter of the Old Ways, New Dawn missions.

Chapter 2

apex legends chronicles bloodhound
Respawn Entertainment
The first chapter in the Apex Chronicles event will have you tracking a downed Prowler.

At the time of writing, Chapter 2 will unlock in two days, where we’ll see what the next mission for Bloodhound’s Apex Chronicle event has in store for us.

Dexerto will update this post when the new mission unlocks, with a guide on how to complete it.

Bloodhound Old Ways, New Dawn missions tips

Getting these missions done might present a challenge since they still take place in a battle royale mode, so there are a few tips you can take with you to make the quests easier to manage.

apex legends chronicle bloodhound
Respawn Entertainment
There’s going to be a ton of rewards for completing Bloodhound’s Apex Chronicle.

Every mission in Bloodhound’s Apex Chronicles quest line is tailored for BH’s abilities, so make sure to get creative with how you use them.

Also, there could be plenty of players trying out the Old Ways, New Dawn missions at the same time, but not to worry. Every player will have a unique path to go on, so there won’t be much overlap.

And if you die during a Bloodhound’s Apex Chronicles mission, you’ll have a checkpoint the next time you hop in to resume your journey.

Bloodhound Old Ways, New Dawn missions rewards

There’s going to be a lot of opportunities to earn Battle Pass Stars as you complete Apex Chronicles quests.

For every individual chapter you complete, you’ll be able to snag a few Battle Pass Stars. Once you finish the entire Chronicle event, you’ll be rewarded with three Bloodhound-themed Apex Packs for your troubles.

We’ll have to see if Respawn makes an event for every Legend in the game, but so far Apex Legends players are amped to explore the Old Ways, New Dawn quests.

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