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Apex Legends Newcastle exploit makes his revive completely silent

Published: 11/May/2022 16:42

by James Busby


A lifesaving Newcastle trick is enabling players to silently revive downed teammates, giving squads added survivability. 

Apex Legends Season 13 is finally here and players are currently getting to grips with the new Legend – Newcastle. The Heroic Defender is known for his supportive playstyle, which enables him to put down damage-sponging shields and leap to his allies’ position. 

While it’s still early days, a number of players have already started to discover some neat interactions and tricks with Newcastle’s kit. However, one of the most useful is that of the silent revive exploit.

Not only does this make the game’s Mobile Guardian even more useful, but it can lead to some incredibly clutch moments when used correctly. 


Apex Legends Newcastle silent revive trick

Silent Revive Newcastle
Respawn Entertainment
This trick makes Newcastle’s revive completely silent.

Unlike other Legends in the game, Newcastle’s passive enables him to drag downed allies as he revives and protects them with his Revive Shield. This is obviously incredibly useful to any team, especially in situations where there is a limited amount of cover. 

While the shield can block incoming damage, it can draw a lot of unwanted attention from enemy squads. After all, nearby players will be able to see the glow of Newcastle’s shield. Well, one player has discovered a unique trick that enables the Heroic Defender to silently revive his fallen comrades. 

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In order to utilize the trick, players must drop their Knockdown Shield before starting the revive. Not only does this completely remove the glowing shield, but it also makes the animation completely silent. 


So, if you wish to save an ally and avoid being killed in the process, then you’ll want to remember this tip next time you queue up for a game. After all, it could give you and your team the edge needed to secure a clutch victory in Season 3.