Apex Legends Mobile has incredible weapon feature players want in main game

Apex Legends character holding blue VOLT skinRespawn/EA

Apex Legends fans want Respawn to bring over the weapon stats and recoil breakdown from Apex Mobile as the helpful addition has blown some of them away. 

Just like other battle royales, Apex Legends has started making waves in the mobile gaming space and it has a few unique twists versus the normal battle royale experience.

One that has caught the eye recently is the fact that mobile has infinite ammo in Firing Range – which has been highly-requested by console and PC players alike for quite some time now, but that’s not all.

Players have also found that the mobile version gives you better insights into the game’s weapons and equipment, and it would really help anyone who is new to the console game as well.

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Apex Legends on mobileRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Mobile is a “new game” but stays true to the original.

Redditor Bossuter showed that in the current beta build of Apex Legends mobile, you’re able to get detailed stat breakdowns for every weapon, including reload speed, damage per body part, and even recoil.

It resembles Call of Duty: Mobile and Warzone in a way with all the stats on screen and naturally, after seeing it for the first time, some players have questioned why it isn’t a thing on console and PC.