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Apex Legends leak gives first look at Bloodhound Town Takeover location

Published: 6/Apr/2020 10:10

by Connor Bennett


An Apex Legends leak has seemingly revealed the ‘first look’ at the Old Ways Bloodhound Town Takeover location – with the Technological Tracker’s Raven companion playing a big role. 

Since Respawn Entertainment started to follow the seasonal updates method for all-new content, Apex Legends players have had the chance to visit one-off locations based around some of their favorite characters.

The locations are known as the Town Takeover, with both Octane and Wraith gets spots in Kings Canyon before Mirage had the Mirage Voyage descend on World’s Edge. With players getting hyped about Bloodhound’s Town Takeover, we’ve seemingly had our first look at what is to come.


Respawn Entertainment
The Old Ways event will give Bloodhound the spotlight in Town Takeover.

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On April 5, a number of Apex Legends leakers, including iLootGames and Shrugtal, uncovered a set of promotional images for the upcoming event that are set to appear on Respawn’s official patch notes.

One image features a better look at the menacing Prowlers that will join the battle royale party, while the other shows Bloodhound standing with its Raven’s Bite heirloom underneath a giant raven. 

It was pointed out by Shrugtal who tweeted: “Just realized that the Raven in the first image is a giant statue in the zone actually on the map so it’s our first look at the Town Takeover.”


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Of course, the image doesn’t reveal all that much about what else is set to come in the Town Takeover but there might have been other clues about where it is being set on World’s Edge.

The Apex leaker noted that a bird-like outline had appeared on another promotional image around the mountain, which is more commonly known as Sniper Ridge. This appears to be a link between the two images. 

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However, until Respawn drops an update and starts the Old Ways event, we won’t truly know what we’re getting into with the all-new Town Takeover. 


Though we won’t have all that long to wait as The Old Ways event will kick off on Tuesday, April 7 and run through Tuesday, April 21.