Apex Legends has added new lag icons but no one knows what they mean

apex legends lag new connection icon

Apex Legends players are encountering lag issues that cause a brand-new type of connection symbol to appear in-game – no one knows what it means.

Reports of network latency-related issues in Apex Legends crop up every so often on PC and consoles. While developer Respawn typically fixes the problem when it arises, players can sometimes troubleshoot connection errors themselves.

A few handy symbols prove helpful in cases like this, notifying users of whatever issue has inhibited their connection to Apex Legends’ servers.

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Notably, the well-known icons denote congestion (server branch), latency (speedometer), packet loss (connected squares), and prediction error (dotted lines). But it seems a couple of new symbols have reared their head in recent days.

New icons for Apex Legends’ lag troubles?

apex legends lag issuesApex Legends seemingly gets two new connection symbols.

KanSyden, a player based in France, shared an Apex Legends screenshot on June 28 that shows two previously unseen icons.

The player claims the new symbols popped up due to lag. One of the indicators comes in the form of a heartbeat-like icon. Meanwhile, the other is an incomplete circle attached to a square box. In addition, the inside of the circle appears to depict an arrow facing left.

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Another Reddit user, drfetid, noticed the heartbeat icon last week. Oddly enough, no one on the Reddit threads are any the wiser as to what these newly added indicators actually mean.

Presumably, these emblems were introduced to the battle royale in the 13.1 update. Whether or not they’re meant to denote additional lag errors in Apex Legends presently remains a mystery.

Respawn deployed the most recent Apex Legends update, Patch 13.1, on June 21, unleashing the Collection Event alongside the Control LTM, balance adjustments, and Ranked changes. The patch also unlocked access to the Lifeline’s Clinic POI on Olympus.

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