Apex Legends player sabotages boosting teammate trying to cheat damage badges

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An Apex Legends player decided to take revenge on a teammate that was attempting to boost the 4k damage badge with an enemy Lifeline.

While hacks that require third-party software are detected by Apex Legends’ anti-cheat, boosting is a problem that often goes under the radar.

Although a lot of the community has suggested that Respawn should record each player’s damage and kills per minute to check for anomalies, this isn’t a solution that can be created overnight.

As a result, countless competitors are syncing their queue times with an enemy player and farming 4k damage, as well as the 20 kill damage badge.

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Well, after realizing their teammate was attempting to boost, one player decided to take action and stop the cheater from unlocking the achievement.

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Boosting is a problem that often goes under the radar in Apex Legends.

Apex player takes revenge on boosting teammate

Posted to the Apex Legends subreddit on June 28, user Autski showcased their encounter with a boosting teammate on World’s Edge.

After dropping into the map, the Octane was quick to use voice chat to tell Autski to “stop following” them as they were looking to meet up with an enemy Lifeline.

Ignoring the warnings, Autski continued to follow the cheater until they reached the location where their teammate intended to farm the badges. Somehow, Autski managed to gain the trust of both cheaters by crouching repeatedly.

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Pretending to help with the boosting, Autski even dropped their healing items next to the pair while waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Immediately landing a direct Arc Star, Autski took out the Lifeline in an instant and ended their boosting attempts in a matter of seconds.


As expected, both cheaters quickly left the game after realizing that they were not going to unlock the badges in that match. Autski finished the clip by encouraging the community to “earn their 4k badge” so it actually holds value.

However, with how easy it is to queue up with a friend on the enemy team, it’s unlikely the boosting is going to stop anytime soon unless Respawn can find a way to detect those cheating for badges.

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