Respawn fixing Apex Legends lag on Olympus after Season 12 complaints

Respawn Entertainment

Players have been dropping into Apex Legends Season 12 in droves to check out the Olympus changes, but it’s not been the same for everyone. Console players have reportedly experienced massive lag on the new map, and Respawn are fixing it.

The updated Olympus map is one of the biggest draw cards in Apex Legends Season 12. After first being released in Season 7, the “Sabotaged” map is its second big update in less than two years.

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With a couple of new POIs including Phase Driver and Terminal opening up the South side of the map that was rather bare, there’s a whole new way to approach the map in the Defiance update.

However, it’s not been smooth sailing for everyone. While PC players have been mostly fine with exploring the new Olympus, console players have been suffering from major FPS drops due to a lack of optimization. Players on older consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One have been suffering the most.

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Terminal POIRespawn/EA
The new Olympus is causing major lag for some Apex Legends players.

The chorus of complaints has been heard by Respawn though, and a fix is on its way.

“Heads up, legends: We’re aware of and investigating an issue causing frame rate loss on Olympus for our PS4, Xbox 1, and Switch players,” Respawn told players on February 8 just hours after the update dropped.

Exactly how long it’ll take remains to be seen, but the fix should at least bring console players back up to their baseline 60 FPS instead of dropping into the teens or low-20s.

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It’s also spurred on conversation on when Apex Legends’ next gen launch will finally hit live servers.

While an exact release date hasn’t been confirmed by Respawn, the game is now rated on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S with a release date of February 8, the same day as Season 12’s launch. It is yet to hit online storefronts.

We’ll update you once Respawn fixes the performance issues on Olympus.