Apex Legends is finally buffing the “fan-favorite” Mozambique

Eli Becht

Your dreams will no longer be memes as the Mozambique is finally getting a buff, which means it might not be the worst weapon in Apex Legends anymore.

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The thing with the Mozambique is not only is it widely considered to be one of the worst weapons in the game, but it’s also a shotgun that’s strength has been compared to hitting somebody with a pool noodle.

Respawn has leaned in quite heavily into the meme, even adding in an animation that allows players to toss away the weapon in disgust. However, this animation might not have a use for that much longer.

Respawn EntertainmentOctane is happy about the Mozambique buff.
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Mozambique buff here!

Respawn revealed during EA Play 2019 buffs were coming to the Mozambique but they didn’t go into any extra detail about what the buff will be but we do know improvements are on the way and the gun will become usable.

There are a lot of directions Respawn could take the Mozambique in whether that’s a simple damage buff or a complete rework. Whatever they decide on will likely be well received by the players since the weapon is currently best left on the ground.

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What else is coming in Season 2?

Outside of this Mozambique buff, there are several things coming with the new season that will get players excited. Fans have been starving for new content and Respawn will be delivering in a big way.

The biggest news to come out of Season 2 is the addition of Wattson as the new hero. Also confirmed is the new L-Star SMG and a ranked mode that will give players different rewards at the end of the season based on where they ended up at.

Season 2 kicks off on July 2 and players will be able to test out all of the new content then.

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