Apex Legends adds perfect new animation for ‘useless’ Mozambique

Respawn Entertainment

The latest update to Apex Legends introduced a hilarious new animation for the Mozambique that embraces the community’s stance that it’s the least useful weapon in the game.

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With limited damage and range as well as only three shots to a magazine, the Mozambique was quickly identified as the weakest weapon in the game after Apex Legends’ release. Some players even went so far as to argue they were better off with no weapon at all.

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While many Apex players have called for the Mozambique to be buffed, Respawn have always maintained that they’re happy with where it is, arguing that not every weapon needs to be equally viable. The Mozambique is supposed to be a common weapon to give players something to use, but should be switched out once an alternative is found.

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In fact, the developers are so comfortable with the Mozambique’s power level that their original response to the feedback in the wake of the game’s launch was that they simply planned to “enjoy the memes”.

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Smokeypalms/YouTubeThe Mozambique is almost universally considered the worst weapon in Apex Legends.

Now, however, they seem to have taken that stance one step further, embracing the Mozambique memes in-game with a new animation for the weapon.

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When players replace a Mozambique by picking up another weapon, they no longer simply drop it like any other weapon – now, they forcefully throw it away in a movement that captures how keen most players are to get rid of it at the first opportunity.

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The new animation is just a small part of the patch that looks to be the first step in Respawn’s attempts to reinvigorate the game after an underwhelming first season.

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The patch introduced Apex’s first Limited Time Mode, titled Legendary Hunt, which brings with it a series of challenges, new cosmetics that many fans are describing as the best the game has seen so far, and an “Elite Queue” accessible by finishing games in the top 5.

The Legendary Hunt LTM precedes the arrival of the game’s second season, in which Respawn have promised to address some of the main issues players had with Season One: Wild Frontier.

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