Apex Legends player creates incredible in-game tournament system

Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have been sorely wanting some sort of ranked play introduced to the game for a while, but a more structured approach to competitive play could lie in a tournament mode.

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Respawn Entertainment surprised battle royale and FPS fans when they launched their title on February 4. While the release window was nothing short of a tremendous success, players have been making clear what they game could use to keep matches interesting.

In that vein, the Apex fanbase have been making everything from unique Legends to useful concepts which would improve the quality of life for the battle royale from actual matches to how players interact.

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Respawn Entertainment
Apex tournaments could give squads a healthier environment of top level play.600

In a Reddit post, user ‘HesSoPringles’ laid out an elaborate tournament ladder structure that would make games more rewarding to play while also finding a great way of spending all of the Legends Tokens people have racked up since launch.

While this wouldn’t necessarily be a replacement for a Ranked mode, the user’s concept would let anyone compete in Apex Games that could dish out worthwhile rewards.

There would be four tiered tournaments starting with the free “Outland” normal game in which the top 5 teams earn an “Apex Elite” ticket that gets them in the higher competition.

From the Elite tier, tournaments are bought into with Legends tokens, though HesSoPringles admits the amount of LT needed might need some tweaking since it would cost a whopping 1.2 million LT to enter.

HesSoPringles via Reddit
Different tiered tournaments would let players compete and improve through the ranks.[ad name=”article3″]

Why would Tournaments be a good idea in Apex Legends?

Ideally, the higher tiered tournaments would have the better competition to play against. Also, a win or top five in those games would yield great rewards such as more LT to enter games and even exclusive skins.

Moreover, HesSoPringles thinks tournament modes like these would introduce a “natural progression that fits Apex’s theme.” Similarly, paying up the entry fees for the bigger tournaments would hopefully give players a more “personal investment” that would make games more challenging to play.

Respawn Entertainment
The higher echelon in Apex Legends could provide incredible entertainment with a spectator feature.600

The Respawn devs have already announced that they’re going to introduce a more competitive system for players to dive into.

Even though the devs are working to implement better ways for players to compete, ideas like HesSoPringles could add a different dimension to Apex Legends.