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Apex Legends dev responds to demands for better skins in Season 2

by square1


Apex Legends will improve significantly in Season Two compared to Season One: Wild Frontier.

Fans of Apex Legends are gearing up for the start of the games second round of seasonal content. While the release date for the new season has yet to be announced, Respawn has already revealed that the game will receive its first limited time mode - Legendary Hunt - during the first week of June.

That new limited time mode will allow players to pick up new and improved skins for both their favorites Legends and weapons. But, they aren’t finished there, as those better designs will continue through to the season two battle pass.

The Kings Canyon backdrop has seemingly inspired the new Apex Legends skins.

After two sets of the new Legendary Hunt limited time mode skins were unveiled on the Apex Legends subreddit, fans were immediately blown away by the fresh new look. 

It prompted one user, mikeytlive, to signal their delight with a comment of: “If this is what we can expect in season 2 in terms of skin quality. Then sign me UP.”

That drew a response from an Apex Legends developer who replied: “Can confirm - skin quality improving,” with a smiley face attached at the end.

While only a handful of new skin sets has been shown off to fans, the confirmation of improved looks sparked plenty of questions about how hard they will be to unlock, and if there any plans to revamp outfits that are already in-game.

Sadly, the developer didn’t drop any further answers to those questions, leaving fans hanging on until Respawn makes any further announcements.

However, what fans have already seen from the new sets - Bloodhound’s 'Master of the Hunt', Wraith’s 'Night Terror', and the 'Legendary Honored Prey' look for the R-301 - all show a marked improvement on the disappointing Wild Frontier skins.