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Apex Legends • May 31, 2019

Apex Legends fan discovers Titanfall 2 pilot design perfect for Gibraltar

Apex Legends fan discovers Titanfall 2 pilot design perfect for Gibraltar
Respawn Entertainment / Electronic Arts

One eagle-eyed Apex Legends fan has spotted an old Titanfall 2 pilot design that would be a great fit for the beefy giant Gibraltar.


Gibraltar is one of the game’s base characters, meaning you don’t need to spend a dime to get him, and he’s perfect if you love to play tank or defense roles in other games.

Reddit user PathfinderThiccAF was browsing through some old Titanfall 2 pilot models and found a Cloak pilot suit design that would fit the tank giant perfectly.

Regie Santiago / Respawn Entertainment / Electronic Arts
The design would make a great skin for Gibraltar.


The concept art piece was created by Regie Santiago at Respawn Entertainment, giving us a detailed insight into how Titanfall’s Cloak pilot came to be.

PathfinderThiccAF is correct when they say that the design would make a great skin for Gibraltar, especially since he’s got the perfect build to pull off the gear.


When does Apex Legends Season Two begin?

There's been no definitive date set for Season Two of Apex Legends yet, but many speculate that June 4 might be the lucky day.

Respawn did announce the Battle Pass though, stating that it would implement new changes into the game's second season.

Players can expect many new skins, daily and weekly challenges, and increased level-up times, and there's also a new limited-time event coming too.

The event will last two weeks, and includes a double XP weekend, double XP for Battle Pass holders, new challenges, and more.