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Apex Legends

Apex Legends gives out free packs to players who lost Ranked Points

Published: 12/Dec/2020 12:06

by Calum Patterson


After a strange glitch in Apex Legends Ranked Play resulted in thousands of players losing RP unfairly, Respawn has made amends by handing out one free pack to each affected account.

The bug essentially was matching players with teammates in a different rank, then kicking them because their rank was either too high or too low to play with those teammates.

Of course, this was no fault of the player, and there was absolutely nothing they could have done to avoid it, but being kicked from the game would still cost them RP.

One player, whose post went viral on Reddit, lost 96 ranked points after entering a Diamond game, matched with a gold player, and subsequently being kicked as their rank was too high.


Apex Legends kicked screen
Twitter: ImpureFPS
Players were kicked and docked RP after being matched with lower/higher ranked players.

To make matters worse, they were also dealt a 10-minute matchmaking delay – enough time to take a recording of the incident and post it online.

Quickly, the bug came to the attention of the developers, who, seeing the severity of the issue, issued a very quick fix before it affected an even larger portion of the player base.

There was bad news too though, as there was no way of Respawn returning lost RP to players. To make up for it, one free Apex pack has been granted to any player who was hit by the bug, confirmed by Respawn’s Director of Communications, Ryan Rigney.


Although not the outcome or ‘fix’ ranked players would have hoped for, it’s certainly better than nothing. Having said that, some were less than impressed by a single pack being the compensation.

The good news is that with the bug fixed, you shouldn’t be at risk of randomly being booted from a ranked game because Apex inadvertently matched you with players of different ranks.