Annoying Apex Legends Jump Pad glitch resurfaces

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Apex Legends players continue to encounter Octane’s Jump Pad glitch despite Respawn’s patch notes stating it had been fixed. 

Like most multiplayer games, Apex Legends is home to its fair share of bugs and glitches. While some can prove extremely useful, there are a number that often ruins games or upset the flow of combat. One such glitch that has had a detrimental effect on gameplay is that of the Octane Jump Pad glitch. 

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This frustrating bug has plagued Octane players for a while now, but the recent Ascension Patch had supposedly fixed it. It finally seemed Octane mains would no longer be locked in a perpetual loop of never-ending double jumps. However, it has now been reported that Respawns fix has done little to alleviate this issue. 

Apex Legends OctaneRespawn Entertainment
Hopefully Respawn find a more permanent fix soon.

The really troubling thing about this glitch is that it occurs whenever the player uses Octane’s ultimate. Throwing down the Jump Pad and jumping midair can cause Octane players to get stuck in a never-ending double jump animation.

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Of course, this isn’t exactly ideal when you’re aiming to get the drop on an enemy squad or trying to make a rapid escape. The glitch has proven so frustrating that many Octane fans have resulted to simply abandoning the speed-loving Legend altogether. 

Reddit user, incredibly_sad posted the below clip in the official Apex Legends page. Things look normal until the player throws down Octane’s Jump Pad and quickly gets stuck in the glitch. Since uploading the clip, many other Octane players have stated they have encountered the same problem despite Respawn issuing a fix. 

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It’s still unknown why this problem persists, but one Reddit user believes they have the answer. “From what I’ve gathered (from clips and playing Octane), if the secondary jump has a maximum location higher than the first jump’s maximum, the game will freak out and has a high chance of glitching,” says Mirage_Main.

“The most common I’ve seen is where the double jump completely fails and makes the animation/sound, but you go right back to the trajectory you had before the secondary jump. In more extreme cases, the thing in OP’s [clip] happens.”

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This analysis certainly makes sense and hopefully, Respawn will be able to put an end to this glitch soon. 

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