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Apex Legends FPS drops: Players angry as update causes performance issues

Published: 21/Sep/2019 20:17 Updated: 21/Sep/2019 20:43

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends players have been experiencing major frames-per-second (FPS) drops in their matches, possibly linked to an anti-cheat update for the game.

Respawn Entertainment is working to get its battle royale to the best possible state before the start of Season 3 Meltdown, which could introduce Crypto among various changes in the Kings Canyon landscape.

But leading up to the next chapter for Apex Legends, PC players are reporting “a huge drop in performance” which has been causing headaches and frustrations among some members of the game’s community.

Respawn EntertainmentIt wouldn’t be Crypto causing the frame drops that some Apex Legends players are reporting.

Players have been noticing the spike in performance issues since a mid-September patch, while others believe that the problems could be linked to either the game’s anti-cheat measures or new in-game Crypto features.

“It looks like some people playing on PC, including myself, are experiencing a huge drop in performance since (September) 19th,” Reddit user ‘n0_video’ said. “Some say it’s from the anti-cheat, others say it’s from the new update that added the Crypto stuff.”

In some cases, players are reporting not being able to get results better than 45 FPS.

But even more strange is that the problem seems to be flickering periodically for some, as they’ll go days without any issue before being hit with the problems again.

Respawn EntertainmentFPS issues are ruining the Apex Legends experience for some players.

“It happened right after the patch and then it went away after 2~ days without me doing anything at all,” one user said. “Now it’s back, I can’t get more than 45 FPS in some zones when I’m usually at 85 FPS everywhere.”

Even in deserted parts of the Kings Canyon map where there isn’t much action happening, people are finding it difficult to keep their game from stuttering.

“When the server melts, it does a sort of slow-mo stutter that can vary in severity,” another player said. “The last two days it has been low key stuttering all the time, in a very minor way, but people I play with have noticed too.”

As of yet there’s no word on what could be causing the problem, but the Apex Legends devs are sure to look for a fix soon with Season 3 Meltdown on the horizon.

Apex Legends

Revenant Heirloom concept would be perfect for Apex Legends

Published: 19/Jan/2021 17:04

by Alex Garton


An Apex Legends player has developed an incredible concept for Revenant’s Heirloom. The impressive design is centered around his backstory and would be the perfect signature weapon for the Synthetic Nightmare.

Heirlooms in Apex Legends are extremely rare and difficult to obtain, making them a prized possession. At the time of writing, there are seven Heirlooms in-game with each of them belonging to a specific Legend.

Of course, this means that the appearance of these items has to be absolutely perfect. The Heirloom has to embody the Legend it represents and incorporate aspects of their character and lore into its design.

One character who is still waiting for his Heirloom to be added to the game is Revenant. Well, an Apex Legends player appears to have done Respawn’s work for them with an impressive concept for Revenant’s Heirloom.

Revenant shaving
Respawn Entertainment
Revenant was released into Apex Legends at the start of Season 4.

Impressive Revenant Heirloom concept

The post, made by VerbatumTurtle, includes a detailed and custom made image that reveals the reasons behind each of the design choices.

The Heirloom itself is called ‘Death’s Head Kusarigama’ and is modeled in the shape of the traditional Japanese weapon. At the base of the Heirloom is Revenant’s signature skull, inspired by his ‘Death Totem’ ultimate ability.

Attached to the skull is a chain that represents his “past life… a life where he experienced pain, and death.” This is no doubt a reference to Revenant’s life as a normal human before he was transformed by Syndicate and Hammond Robotics.

Finally, on the end of the chain, the design incorporates a modified version of Revenents’s straight edge shaver. This is a direct reference to the Season 4 cinematic that sees Revenant using a shaver from his past life as a robot. The artifact serves as a reminder of what he once had and everything that has been taken from him.

It’s fair to say VerbatumTurtle has created an incredible Heirloom that any Revenant main would be thrilled to use. The design is not only perfectly themed for the Legend, but it also incorporates aspects of his lore and backstory.

We’re sure Respawn already has their own plans for a Revenant Heirloom, but they have been known to take inspiration from the community before.