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Apex Legends fan creating Olympus in Minecraft with stunning accuracy

Published: 30/Jul/2021 12:04

by Alex Garton


An Apex Legends fan is currently in the middle of a Minecraft project that involves recreating the entire Olympus map, down to every little detail.

The Apex Legends community is incredibly passionate about the game and is constantly finding new and creative ways to celebrate their favorite title.

Whether it’s spectacular cosplays, gameplay concepts, or even tributes to Apex within other games, these projects can take hundreds of hours to complete and require an enormous amount of dedication.

This especially applies to Reddit user RendomBlazen, who is in the process of recreating the entire Olympus map in a Minecraft world.


So far, they’ve only completed Estates and the Phase Runner, but the project is already shaping up to be absolutely incredible.

Phase Runner Apex Legends
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The Phase Runner is one of the most iconic locations on the Olympus map.

Apex Legends fan showcases Olympus Minecraft recreation

After Kurobekuro’s World’s Edge Minecraft map back in March, RendomBlazen has decided to start their own project and began building Olympus.

While the project is far from finished, the talented builder has already completed two iconic locations from the Season 7 map. On July 27, RendomBlazen posted the recently completed Estates POI from the Minecraft map.

There’s no doubt they’ve captured the location perfectly, from box-like buildings to the blue and white color scheme, not a single detail has been missed.


I am recreating Olympus in Minecraft. Started with Estates. What so you think? from apexlegends

Two days later, Reddit user CobaltTS posted the next completed location in RendomBlazen’s Minecraft world, this time showing off the Phase Runner.

The huge teleportation device has been built to scale with RendomBlazen even using the exact in-game colors for the portal. Not only that, they’ve added the circular buildings that surround the Phase Runner, as well as the platform that players have to use to access the device.

Phase Runner in Minecraft. Part of u/RendomBlazens Olympus project from apexlegends

It’ll be interesting to see how RendomBlazen connects all of these POI’s together to complete the full map. With so many breathtaking locations left to go, this is definitely a project worth keeping an eye on.


Luckily, RendomBlazen is planning on setting up a YouTube channel in the future to keep fans up to date on exactly how the build is getting on. In the meantime, make sure you keep an eye on their Reddit profile so you don’t miss any updates.