EA apologize as Apex Legends players hit with account bans over nothing

Alan Bernal
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EA has come out and apologized for accidentally banning Apex Legends player accounts, after the publisher’s crackdown on offensive battle royale club names saw players hit with accidental suspensions — a problem the devs are now rushing to fix.

On July 29, multiple Apex Legends players saw they had been hit with bans, despite not breaking any terms of service. The reason, many confirmed, was due to their affiliation with a club bearing a name that went against the battle royale’s blacklist charter.

The club-based suspensions were only supposed to be warnings, community manager EA_Mako confirmed, and EA are now working to fix their mistake.

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EA has been cracking down on Apex Legends Clubs that have offensive or derogatory names.

“My account has been disabled,” a user who goes by ‘KasperIRIS1971’ said. “I received an email with a warning from EA stating that I had gone against guidelines in Apex Legends due to the name of the club I was in.

“I went on my Xbox to leave the club or whatever in Apex legends and I was informed that my account has been disabled.”

Mako clarified the situation and told the affected person that the blunder happened to a few other people as well, and they’re trying to alleviate the problems soon.

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EA has confirmed they’re working on the Apex Legends ban issue.

How to fix EA account ban to play Apex Legends

EA are currently sorting the situation with the disabled accounts. If players notice they’re still banned, there’s steps Mako suggested to take to see if that fixes it.

“Sorry for the confusion on this one. While a number of warnings did go out for this, it looks like there were a small number of suspensions that unintentionally accompanied those warnings in some cases,” Mako said. The community manager suggested that affected players should restart Apex Legends, sign out, and sign back in to see if you’re still banned.

If that still hasn’t fixed it, then it’s players suggested to reach out to EA’s Terms of Service team to start the account-return process manually.

The EA Help forum detailing the accidental account bans.

With Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence on the horizon, people will want to make sure their account is up and running before the big update.