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Apex Legends

Apex Legends players want simple Warzone map feature to be added

Published: 24/Jul/2021 12:10 Updated: 24/Jul/2021 12:12

by Joe Craven


Apex Legends players have called on Respawn to add a simple pre-match feature that is prominent in other battle royales, including Call of Duty’s Warzone. 

The battle of battle royales means that, on occasion, the player base for Apex Legends looks enviously at what Fortnite and Warzone are getting, and vice versa.

In the past, Apex fans have suggested that the game would benefit from adding more mobility (thought to be coming in Season 10 in the form of cable cars), while Warzone players have suggested the CoD battle royale should implement penalties for early quitters.

Now, with Season 10 coming soon to the Titanfall battle royale, Apex players have identified a simple Warzone feature they want to see.


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A July 23 Reddit post from DANNYonPC requested that Respawn add POI names to the pre-match drop-ship route. They also suggested that it should be ‘triggerable’ like the replicator locations in-game, meaning players who don’t need the POI names displayed could opt-out.

It would allow players to clearly see the location names, regardless of where the drop-ship goes. New players, in particular, would stand to benefit from the change, allowing them to quickly learn the map and avoid the busiest areas off the drop.

“Yes I agree indeed, and I have no idea why they didn’t implement this yet, at least make it a toggle option in the settings,” said one supportive fan. “I would prefer this over the replicator pings,” added another.

The suggested change can join the list of features players want to see in Season 10. It seems unlikely they’ll be added into the update this late on, but players have plenty of new content to look forward to.


Seer has been revealed as Season 10’s Legend, a tracker with a heartbeat sensor and a plethora of micro-drones. His reveal garnered major praise online, with many excited to see how he slots into the meta and challenges the current information harvester Crypto.

We’ll have to wait and see if he drops into a Kings Canyon, Worlds Edge, Olympus or Tropics that has POI names displayed, as is the case in Warzone.