Apex Legends devs respond to Loba’s “broken” bracelet amid Season 8 issues

Connor Bennett
Loba Apex Legends teleport

Apex Legends devs have responded to further problems with Loba’s bracelet ability in Season 8 as it continues to not work as intended. 

Loba was introduced to Apex Legends back in Season 5 with abilities that are aimed at making her a pretty handy part of teams, seeing as she can steal loot using her Black Market Boutique ultimate.

She hasn’t quite cracked the meta as some players might have assumed she would, but she’s not the worst legend by any means.

While her ultimate and passive work without issue, Loba’s teleporting bracelet ability has caused plenty of headaches in seasons gone by. The animation is slightly clunky, leaving you exposed, and there are times where it doesn’t work at all.

Loba joined the Apex Legends ranks in Season 5.

Over the last few seasons, players have attempted to toss the bracelet at certain parts of the map, but have either seen the bracelet return to their pocket or leave them in a spot where they can’t do anything.

Respawn’s team have worked to address it in the past, fixing parts of World’s Edge and Olympus where the bracelet wasn’t working.

Though, it also has issues on Obliterated Kings Canyon. One player flagged another dead spot to Respawn’s design director Jason McCord, as he responded. “Ugh yeah, that sucks. I’ll send it to the right peeps,” he said.

The problem hasn’t quite made its way to Respawn’s Trello board of Apex Legends issues, but that could just be because the bracelet is an ongoing problem that they’ve looked at before.
As for what they can do to fix things, well, that’s up to the devs. They might have completely re-do parts of the battle royales’ maps, seeing as that has been part of the issue previously.
They might also look to tweak the animation and timer to see if that fixes anything, so, Loba could end up with a buff when it’s all said and done.