Apex Legends dev shuts down viral Valkyrie nerf “leak” ahead of Season 14

Connor Bennett
Valkyrie in Apex Legends floating in mid air

An Apex Legends developer has shut down claims about Valkyrie receiving a pretty big nerf in Season 14 after ‘fake’ details surfaced on TikTok.

With Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted on the horizon, fans of Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale have started to try and get an idea of what might be coming as a part of the update.

We know that Vantage will arrive as the new legend, there will also be some changes to King’s Canyon, and the level cap will finally be raised, but beyond that, it’s slim pickings for confirmed details.

Like every new season, we can expect the current crop of legends to be tweaked in different ways – with some receiving buffs and others being ever so slightly nerfed. On the latter, many fans have urged Respawn to bring Valkyrie down a few notches, seeing as she’s become a powerful pick in both competitive and casual play.

Respawn dev shuts down viral Valkyrie nerf details

Ahead of the new update, a TikTok caught the eye of some Apex Legends fans as it claimed to have the inside scoop on Valkyrie’s changes for the upcoming season.

According to the viral post, the Winged Avenger would lose the ability to scan enemies during a skydive and have the fuel capacity on her VTOL Jets reduced by around 25%.

However, Respawn’s Live Technical Designer Aaron ‘Exgeniar’ L, those claims aren’t true at all. “F12, inspect, edit,” the dev said on Reddit, confirming that the massive nerf claim is fake and not to be taken seriously.

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While some fans were disappointed to learn that the patch notes turned out to be fake, others were glad to hear that Respawn hadn’t let any details slip out early.

That’s not to say that Valkyrie won’t receive a nerf in Season 14, it seems more likely than not that she will. However, we’ll have to wait until Respawn drop the confirmed details when the new patch goes live.

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