Apex Legends dev impressed by incredible Wattson artwork

Andy Williams
Wattson sparking Octane back to life.

Apex Legends boasts an interactive community that has welcomed Wattson ever since her addition electrifying entrance back in Season 2, and this fanart proves why she is still a fan-favorite.

Now coming to the back of its third season, Apex Legends has matured into a true contender for best battle royale. After its surprise launch back in February 2019, tens of millions of players have flooded Respawn’s servers. 

Given the developer’s continuous effort to expand the Apex Games (while staying true to its Titanfall roots), fans have lapped up their Legend additions since release. 

Wattson’s entrance changed Kings Canyon’s landscape forever.

Wattson’s addition was welcomed by fans everywhere. The Static Defender brought a much-needed change to the Apex Games’ meta (specifically during endgame situations). 

Alongside her in-game abilities, her ties into Apex Legends’ lore provided fans with a solid reason to main a new character — and she soon became one of the most used legends in the game

Given Wattson’s increased popularity, it’s no surprise that an incredible render went viral on the Apex Legends subreddit (having gained just over 13k upvotes in 24 hours). 

Reddit user ‘-JuicyKiwi’ received a ton of praise from the community, as their artwork was lapped up by fans in their droves.  

JuicyKiwi’s handiwork even caught the eye of a Respawn developer, who commented to show their support: “Yes, yes and definitely yes, doin’ our girl proud!”

While this Wattson render shows her in the original attire, it’s the play on the Static Defender’s knack with electricity which sells the piece. 

Just like Wattson’s Season 2 entrance into Kings Canyon, it’s fair to say that fans were left by JuicyKiwi’s fanart.

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