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Apex Legends dev explains why Octane hasn’t received movement buff

Published: 12/Jun/2020 13:04 Updated: 12/Jun/2020 13:07

by Jacob Hale


An Apex Legends developer has explained why Octane hasn’t yet received a movement buff despite plenty of requests from players.

Octane was added to Apex Legends in Season 1, and with the launch of Season 5 he is falling towards being one of the lowest-picked Legends in the game, and many fans believe a movement buff could be a fix to this.

Octane is a high-speed character, as his name would suggest, and his Launch Pad allows him to fly into the thick of things, or get away when the going gets tough – but some believe he needs to be more mobile.


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Respawn Entertainment
Octane mains don’t think the Legend is as mobile as he should be.

Of course, when a character is called Octane and marketed as a high-speed Legend, you expect gameplay to be as frenetic as it can get, but that simply isn’t the case, instead basically matching the speed of other Legends.

While this isn’t necessarily an issue, some players have become aggravated with how his movement really isn’t as manic as they might have expected. This, clearly, is something the developers are aware of, as one has responded to a fan asking whether a buff is likely.

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“Would you agree that Octane’s movement needs a buff?” one player asked Jason McCord, Respawn Entertainment’s design director. “I always thought he should have movement capabilities not unsimilar to a pilot.”


Jason responded honestly, saying that they “struggle with making Legends too fast,” adding that it “really destroys understandable combat when someone can flank and reposition too fast.”

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McCord adds that they know Octane is the “speed guy” so it’s tough to make the right decision when it comes to his movement.

While this may seem bleak for Octane mains, it at least shows that his movement has been a discussion among the Apex devs and the rumored reworks for himself and Lifeline might not be too far away.