Apex Legends Crypto heirloom concept creates him a deadly data sword

Crypto from Apex Legends holding an heirloomRespawn Entertainment

One creative Apex Legends fan has come up with a stunning Heirloom concept for Crypto that we’d love to see while running around in-game.

Heirloom items are the cream of the crop when it comes to Apex cosmetics. They’re some of the rarest items players can unlock in the game and they look awesome on top of that.

Not every legend has an Heirloom item yet though, even more than 2 years since release. Crypto is one of these characters, but that hasn’t stopped Apex fan and artist -Alfa from coming out with a concept we’re sure players who enjoy using the Surveillance Expert would love.

Crypto droneRespawn Entertainment
We’ve had plenty of so-called “leaks” about Crypto’s Heirloom item, but no solid info from Respawn just yet.

If the name -Alfa sounds familiar, that’s probably because they’re also the one behind the brilliant electric fencing saber Heriloom concept for Wattson we featured earlier in July 2021.

Now it’s Crypto’s turn to get his own custom blade, and we have to give it to -Alfa as they seem to have knocked it out of the park once again.

The design is called the “data sword” and besides sounding like something wielded by Neo in the Matrix, it also fits perfectly with Crypto’s lore as a hacker.

It does resemble his Drone Blade from the Apex Legends cinematic a bit, but it definitely looks more sword-like; with a cross guard above the hilt, and a very cool green laser blade to top it all off.

Would running around as Crypto with what is basically a lightsaber be tons of fun? Yes. But whether or not his actual Heirloom will resemble anything close to the “data sword” remains to be seen.

There have been plenty of so-called “leaks” regarding Crypto’s upcoming Heirloom item, but we probably won’t know exactly what it will look like until Respawn comes out with the details themselves.