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Apex Legends

Apex Legends community stunned after player uses cheat to wipe out lobby

Published: 8/Jun/2020 22:23

by Alan Bernal


An Apex Legends player is reportedly crashing entire lobbies so that they can just mop up all of the characters standing idle due to disconnections, and no one is sure how they’re actually doing it.

Cheaters in Apex typically prefer ruining games with aim botting for automatic hit scans or speed hacks to evade, kill, and escape in the blink of an eye. But one player has found a way to make everyone in their game completely vulnerable by kicking them out of the match completely.

The prevailing theory is that they figured out a way to exploit the game’s recently-introduced reconnect feature while also making use of a crash bug.


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This lets them roam around the Arena while everyone else is stuck trying to reconnect to the game where they might already be eliminated.

“Apex Legends currently has a feature that allows players to reconnect to their session if their game disconnects or the server has an unexpected error,” user ‘jacklollz2 explained. “This person is exploiting this mechanic, and also exploiting a crash bug, to be able to freely kill people… One thing is for sure: The server instance is being killed, and the exploiter is rejoining into a new instance.”

Respawn Entertainment
The hack makes fights in Apex Legends straightforward, seeing as no one is fighting back.

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A video posted by Redditor ‘halo_shot’ shows a player on Xbox shooting at targets across Kings Canyon. But it’s an eerie sight since all of the players except for the apparent cheater are completely frozen.


“US servers, it doesn’t just freeze you, it kicks you out of the game and you get reconnected when you get back to the lobby screen,” the user said of their encounter with the cheater.

Toxic Nox Gas from Caustic’s traps and weapon fire all tick away at the still opponents, but they aren’t responsive in the slightest.

This guy somehow crashes the server on xbox to get easy kills from apexlegends

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They can be seen doing this across clips from multiple games of Ranked Apex, even in higher elo matches in Master tier.

Apex Legends community members are already reporting this to the Respawn Entertainment developers to find and fix the reason for this hack so prevent cheaters from continuing to exploit it.