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Apex Legends

Apex Legends faces heavy backlash from community over pricing model for skins

Published: 14/Feb/2019 22:43 Updated: 15/Feb/2019 20:22

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends had an explosive release, as millions of people flooded the game’s servers in its first week – but now, it seems that players aren’t liking the free-to-play title’s take on pricing.

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Even though players can freely experience everything the game has to offer without paying a dime, the cost and lack of quality cosmetics have led to some troubling developments for the popular game.

Throughout the Apex Legends community, players are fuming at the questionable pricing structures for both the Apex Coins and the cosmetic items themselves.

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So far the store seems to be predatory. 1100 apex coins for the epic gun? But you only get 1000 coins for spending 9.99. from r/apexlegends

The backlash comes as the new Valentine’s Day cosmetics, which include the Epic skin ‘Through the Heart’ and Legendary banner ‘Love of the Game,’ entered the Shop on February 13. While the skins themselves cost the equivalent of $22 on their own, the stringent pricing models force players to spend around $30 to buy both skins outright.


Although players don’t need to buy these cosmetics, Reddit user Aikon94 pointed out the dangers around these kind of pricing models.

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“FREE to PLAY games are free because they revolve on making money in other ways, like cosmetics,” Aikon94 said. “If cosmetics are bad or overpriced fewer people will buy them… devs won’t make enough money and everything will start to suck [leading to] slower and fewer updates and less communication between devs and player base etc.”

Aikon94 pointed to games such as Star Wars Battlefront 1, Battlefront 2, Battlefield 1, and Battlefield V, as all were promising titles marred by similar microtransaction strategies that led to games being drowned in controversy after controversy.


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Apex Legends has quickly become a fan-favorite, but growing issues with the way its premium items are handled could send it down a rough road.