Apex Legends Arenas could finally be removed in Season 16

Arenas map in Apex Legends with game logo on topRespawn/EA

The end could be nigh for Apex Legends’ Arenas mode as insiders have been claiming that it’ll be removed in Season 16. 

When Arenas was first introduced to Apex Legends all the way back in Season 9, plenty of fans were excited to get to grips with the new take on the battle royale. 

The 3v3 mode quickly become swamped with players wanting to try it out, but after that initial excitement, interest in the mode seemed to have dissipated. While daily and weekly challenges were still being put out for Arenas, matches were being hampered by a whole host of glitches and exploits

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Throughout Season 15, players have been complaining that Respawn have simply “abandoned” the mode as it’s received little support for matchmaking or changes to the meta. Well, the first for that could be that it’s being removed. 

Apex Legends insiders claim Arenas mode will be removed in Season 16

That’s right, according to a handful of insiders – including ThordanSmash and Grrt – Arenas is apparently departing in Season 16. 

“What I did hear was, however, is that they are looking to add in Control possibly in a playlist to take over for Arenas,” Thordan said, noting that little work has been done to Arenas for the upcoming season. 

He also noted that even the most dedicated Arenas players have given up playing the game, with Ranked Arenas suffering a drop in players for placement matches. That, alongside the lack of dev support, indicates that it’s likely being shelved. 

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Of course, this hasn’t been confirmed just yet, as Respawn have been staying a bit quiet on what the new season will bring. To this point, the devs have only said that the new season will be worth the wait, given that Season 15 is running longer than usual. 

There have also been rumors that there will be a new weapon and legend reworks in Season 16 to go alongside the rumored new legend – Ballistic. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.