Apex Legends adds ALGS-themed esports items for TSM, 100 Thieves, Liquid, more

Alec Mullins
Apex Legends Burgundy Knight Apex Legends skin

Respawn is celebrating the arrival of Apex Legends Global Series’ Year 2 Championship event by adding limited-time esports skins to a new shop to the in-game store. 

Esports has become part of the core identity of Apex Legends since its launch and after two successful years of ALGS events, Respawn is adding a whole host of thematic items for the best teams in the game.

There are ten total participants this time around and from team banners to Legend skins, here’s what players can get their hands on right now.

ALGS-themed items debut in Apex Legends

The official announcement states that each team will be getting a bundle that includes a thematic banner, but that there’s some variation for the bigger pieces.

“The items in the ALGS Team Shop will include team-branded Epic Banner Frames, plus bundles featuring Epic or Legendary Weapon and Legend Skins.”

Burgundy Knight in Apex Legends
100T’s bundle comes with the Burgundy Knight Pathfinder skin.

The full list of participants is quite extensive, so the new items are being divided up into two weeks worth of additions.

Each week will consist of items for five teams and is divided up like so:

July 5th – 12th (Week 1):

  • 100 Thieves
  • TSM
  • Crazy Raccoon
  • Cloud9
  • NRG

July 12th – 19th (Week 2):

  • NaVi
  • Alliance
  • G2 Esports
  • Complexity
  • Team Liquid
Team SoloMid's banner in Apex LegendsEach bundle contains three items – a team banner, a Legend skin, and a weapon skin.

The trailer features each team receiving a signature Legend skin, like a TSM-themed Octane and a Team Liquid Bangalore, with a variety of team-specific gun skins as well.

The full list of available items will likely be revealed in the coming days and we’ll be sure to bring the latest updates if/when that happens.

For all of the latest coverage of the ALGS Championship, be sure to check out our hub and stay up-to-date as things kick off.