ALGS announces big changes for Apex Legends esports as China comes in Year 4

Declan Mclaughlin
ALGS stageJoe Brady/ ALGS

EA has announced that big changes are coming to the ALGS circuit in Year 4 as Apex Esports expands into new regions and gets bigger prize pools.

EA released a big list of announcements coming to the ALGS circuit for its fourth year. The highlights of the lengthy additions include continuing the current LAN system with three big in-person competitions, China joining the ALGS circuit, and increased Challengers Circuit eligibility.

The fourth year of the Apex Legends esports competition will see some shake-ups regarding regions. South America will no longer have a pro league and will instead have a Challengers Circuit that feeds into a Regional Finals that will decide which teams will qualify for LAN events.

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“While this was a difficult decision, we believe that this change will enhance the competitive ecosystem in South America,” the announcement said.

ALGS Championship trophyJoe Brady/ ALGS
TSM won the 2023 ALGS Championship and will look to repeat the feat in Year 4.

ALGS will also be adding China as a region. The new region will function in the same way as South America, with two guaranteed spots for each LAN tournament. However, China’s spots will be doled out via invites, instead of by circuit performance.

Both regions, however, will have the chance to earn more spots at international events based on performance.

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ALGS announces changes for Year 4

Another big change EA announced was for international tournament slots. North America will now have 12 spots at the Split 1 Playoffs next season while APAC South, EMEA, and APAC North will all have eight to start out with.

Pro League is also seeing an increase in prize money for one league. APAC South has seen its prize pool rise to $125,000 per split, which is now in line with other regions. The prize pool for LAN events will remain the same with Split 1 and Split 2 offering $1 million each and the ALGS Championship offering $2 million.

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ALGS additionally opened up its requirements for the Challengers Circuit. In Year 4, players who have not played in their team’s most recent series, say a substitute or someone sitting on the bench, are eligible to play in their region’s Challengers Circuit.

ALGS has yet to confirm the dates or locations for the LAN tournaments; however, they did confirm the start date for the circuit. Split 1 pro league competition will kick off on January 21, 2024, and the preseason qualifiers are set to start on November 25 and continue until December 18.

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At the moment, Apex esports fans will have to wait out the off-season as teams build their rosters for the start of the next season.

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