Apex Legends: 5 best places to land on new Kings Canyon in Season 5

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Apex Legends returned to Kings Canyon in Season 5 after a stint in the frosty World’s Edge, though a few things have changed since fans last battled across the iconic original map ⁠— here are the five best places to land in Apex’s new-look map this season.

  • King’s Canyon is currently not available in Apex, but we’ll be sure to update this article as it comes back.

Respawn answered the prayers of Apex Legends players across the world when they brought back the battle royale’s original map. It wasn’t quite the same, however — Season 5 has seen Kings Canyon torn asunder.

The infamous Skull Town was ripped out of the map, while a number of story changes have also slipped into the half-desert, half-jungle arena. Without further ado, here are the best places to land in every Apex match.

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The Broken Coast

Respawn may have removed the ever-popular Skull Town and Thunderdome drop zones from Kings Canyon in Season 5, but that doesn’t mean what has been left in their wake isn’t worth the visit ⁠— quite the opposite!

Where the high-action areas once stood, there is now “The Broken Coast,” a new point of interest. Nearby stands “Salvage” as well. Both of these are still quite appealing for any Apex player that wants to grab loot, and kills.

The remnants of Skull Town, now called Respawn Entertainment
The remnants of Skull Town, now called “The Broken Coast,” is still one of the best Apex Legends Season 5 landing zones.

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High-tier loot can be found across both areas, and there’s a two-way zip line that connects Salvage with “Gauntlet” on the other side of the destroyed coastline too. Underneath it all lies a series of tunnels, where secret loot bunkers are hidden.

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Like Skull Town and Thunderdome in past seasons, expect this shattered coastal area to be one of the season’s hotspots. That’s not really a bad thing ⁠— it means plenty of kills if you’re good enough ⁠— but be warned all the same.

Offshore Rig

The new Offshore Rig area is another new Season 5 point of interest. It’s buried in the northeast corner of Kings Canyon, and connects to Relay, Capacitor (also new), and Swamps via roads, tunnels, and bunkers.

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There are a few places here that boast some of the highest rarity loot in the game, including a spot hidden up on a hanging platform. Make sure you scour the whole area once you’ve cleared out any enemies brave enough to follow you here.

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Just like The Broken Coast, Offshore Rig is one of those areas that is going to be swarming with enemies. Its high-tier loot is one reason and, of course, people love to try out new areas as well. Interest may die down as Season 5 continues.

The new Apex Legends point of interest Respawn Entertainment
The new Apex Legends point of interest “Offshore Rig” is another great pick for early loot in Season 5.

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Plenty of Kings Canyon has been switched up in Season 5, but there are some things that just stay the same. Thankfully, Artillery is in that second camp. The far-off POI has retained all its loot and hangars, meaning it’s a great spot to drop.

The huge drop zone does come with a few drawbacks. The main one is that the legends who land there often have to put in some serious work finding the fight. Full games can often become a series of sprints across the map.

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If you’re willing to put in the cross-country treks to find the final circles, however, Artillery is in the top five places to drop in Season 5 without a doubt. Familiarity, a huge stack of rare loot, and access to multiple key areas ⁠— this area has it all.

Artillery has remained one of the better places to drop in Kings Canyon in Apex Legends Season 5.Respawn Entertainment
Artillery has remained one of the better places to drop in Kings Canyon in Season 5.


On the same wavelength as Artillery, this next landing zone takes familiarity into account as much as anything else. As Kings Canyon changes around it, another point of interest seems to stay the same. That is the very central Market drop zone.

There’s plenty of loot here, so that gets a tick. Unlike Artillery, however, it’s smack bang in the middle of the action early. This means it’s often got one or two firefights popping up as soon as you get your boots on the ground.

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That’s not necessarily a bad thing, of course. Plenty of high-level Apex Legends players want to get their kill-count going right from minute one. Market is perfect for that. The only actual downside for the long hall area is its medium-tier loot.

Apart from that, Market is a great place to land. Even better, if you know you’re going to head to the central POI, you can come prepared. Caustic is lethal here with his traps in side rooms. Loba can steal things from the middle of the area too. Both would be great picks for the area.

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Respawn Entertainment
Lots of Kings Canyon has changed in Apex Legends Season 5, but some areas have stayed the same.

Reclaimed Forest

“Look, Apex Legends is healing: sweaty pro Wraiths are returning to Kings Canyon.” Jokes aside, Reclaimed Forest is one of the parts of the original map that has undergone some changes just from players being away at World’s Edge.

This area was once “Shattered Forest”. Nature is continuing to take hold of the battle royale arena though, after Crypto destroyed the shield in Season 2. This means there are new areas to explore here, and a few new challenges.

One big change is the entrance to Singh Labs. It has officially become a point of interest in the new season. Outside of that, Reclaimed Forest and its surrounding area is as per usual for the best drops: plenty of loot, and lots of ways to leave.

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Reclaimed Forest is one of the parts of Kings Canyon that has changed during Apex Legends players time in World's Edge in Seasons 3 and 4.Respawn Entertainment
Reclaimed Forest is one of the areas that’s changed since players’ time away from Kings Canyon in Apex Legends Seasons 3 and 4.

So there you have it — five of the best places to land on the new-look Kings Canyon in Apex Legends Season 5. Of course, where you drop also comes down to preference: land wherever you think you and your squad like best!

Is there a great place we missed? Agree with our list, but simply want to tell us off for revealing your favorite spot? Let us know on Twitter @TitanfallBlog!