Annoying Apex Legends bug is trapping players on supply ships

Respawn Entertainment

The supply ships found on Apex Legends’ King’s Canyon map have always been dangerous and a stairwell bug that cages players within is the latest nightmarish discovery.

Since Apex Legends’ inception in February 2019, the Supply Ships found on King’s Canyon have presented logistical difficulties. Not only are these mobile hotspots popular combat locations given the quality of the loot they hold, but they are similarly known for having a series of bugs and glitches.

These issues disappeared on the World’s Edge map but returned for Season 5: Fortune’s Favor, and while the map may have received some major changes, it appears that some issues have remained the same.

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Like the wine cellar in Edgar Allen Poe’s “Cask of Amontillado,” a small staircase on these Supply Ships appears capable of becoming a ghastly trap, one that’s been very frustrating for players who come across it.

Turns out, that if you get lodged underneath the stairs, there’s a chance that you may never leave them, as one Reddit user was unfortunate to discover.

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After “wondering why our mate didn’t help in the fight,” felixx2108 realized that their teammate was simply unable to. Spectating from death, they could see that their teammate was stuck beneath a staircase, desperately clawing (or, more appropriately, punching) in all directions with seeming intent to help out their outmanned remaining comrade.

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The rest of the Reddit comments detail a long-running list of Supply Ship bugs, including issues with trying to revive people there, getting trapped in walls, and even dying to its engines.

As eloquently summed up by another user, “If you haven’t played since Season 0, a lesson for you: don’t f**k with the Supply Ship.”

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Apex Legends is a game known for its insane mobility and concurrent gameplay fluidity, where players are able to navigate the terrain seamlessly and find innumerable innovative ways to maneuver around the environment. 

It appears that, while the bug when reviving teammates seems to have been fixed, players must now be careful when brushing against the Supply Ship’s walls and stairwells in unorthodox fashions—especially when it’s moving. Hopefully this is addressed soon, but there’s been no word from Respawn Entertainment just yet.

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