All Apex Legends Season 12 weapon buffs and nerfs

apex legends crytpoRespawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends Season 12 Defiance patch update brought a change in the ground loot as well as buffs and nerfs to fan-favorite weapons like the Triple Take and Flatline, among others.

Respawn Entertainment are once again shuffling the balance of power in Apex by bringing in the new Kinetic Feeder Hop-Up while bringing back a couple of others for sidearms and the 30-30 Repeater.

For the Season 12 patch, there are going to be top-down changes to inventory for Fully Kitted guns as well as the weapons exclusively available through crafting that should impact people’s regular kits.

Apex Legends Season 12 weapon buffs/nerfs

Triple Take

apex legends triple takeRespawn Entertainment
The Triple Take is getting a bit toned down in Apex Legends Season 12.

The Triple Take took over marksman rifles when it was reintroduced to the ground loot so Respawn are toning down its power a tad to make other options more enticing.

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This won’t result in a massive nerf but will shed some of the damage the Triple Take deals per bullet while removing projectile growth for every shot.

VK-47 Flatline

The Flatline is moving into the crafting modules and will be out of the ground loop for the time being. With that development, Respawn are giving it a slight nerf to its damage per bullet.

This won’t break the weapon but will give players something to think about if they want to cash in their mats for the popular weapon.

Apex Legends Season 12 Hop-Ups

The Season 12 patch is mixing in a few Hop-Ups to the equation that should make players think twice about how they loot up. The Defiance update brought back the Shatter Caps and Hammerpoint Rounds while introducing the Kinetic Feeder.

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apex legends horizon peacekeeperRespawn Entertainment
The Peacekeeper is getting a new Hop-Up with the Kinetic Feeder.

It looks like Respawn want to give players more flexibility for their second weapon with the Hammerpoint giving P2020, Mozambique, and RE-45 a huge boost against unshielded damage.

The Kinetic Feeder will also be a huge boon for mobile Apex players who prefer the Triple Take or Peacekeeper. The unique slide reloads should be really helpful for extended fights and it could make way for new uses of them altogether.

There’s plenty of changes to look over from the Apex Legends Season 12 update, so take a look below for the complete weapon buff, nerfs, and changes in the Defiance patch notes.

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Apex Legends Season 12 weapon buffs, nerfs

Supply Drop Rotation

The Alternator SMG returns to the ground loot this season and taking its place is the powerful mid-range energy Volt SMG.

Alternator SMG

  • Removed disruptor rounds hop-up

Volt SMG

  • Damage increased from 15 to 17
  • Max mag size increased from 28 to 30

Hop Ups

Kinetic Feeder – Triple Take & Peacekeeper

Sliding with the Triple Take or Peacekeeper significantly speeds up choke time and automatically reloads rounds.

Hammerpoint Rounds – P2020, Mozambique & RE-45


  • +50% unshielded damage


  • +35% unshielded damage


  • +35% unshielded damage

Shatter Caps – 30-30 Repeater & Bocek Bow

  • Passively affects hip-fire for both weapons
    • ADS remains precision shot
  • No longer able to toggle on/off
  • 30-30 pellet damage reduced from 8 to 7
  • Bow pellet damage reduced 12 to 11

Triple Take

  • Removing projectile growth from bullets
  • Damage reduced from 23 to 21 per bullet

VK-47 Flatline

  • Damage reduced from 19 to 18 per bullet

Rampage LMG (Hotfix)

  • Rampage damage reduced from 28 to 26
  • Reduced number of shots during the Revved state from ~40 to ~34

Fully Kitted Rotation

  • Added: RE-45, Triple Take, Peacekeeper, Prowler, Havoc
  • Removed: Mastiff, 30-30 Repeater, R-301, CAR, Longbow

Weapons in Crafting

  • VK-47 Flatline and Longbow DMR are now craftable for 30 mats at any crafting station.
  • Weapons in crafting can not be found on the ground.
  • Crafted weapons come with no attachments and two boxes of ammo


  • Medkit price lowered from 20 to 15
  • Kinetic Feeder added to crafting rotation