All Apex Legends new lag symbols & what they mean

Joe Craven
Apex Legends Code:Wheel error message in pre-game lobby

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends has a number of new ‘lag symbols’ – visual indicators of a connectivity issue that players can experience. Here, we’re running through all of them and what they mean.

Lag in a video game is about the most frustrating thing a gamer can experience. Every gamer, unless they play exclusively single-player games, will have experienced lag ruining their session. Apex Legends is no different.

Respawn’s BR has experienced considerable server issues in the past but, even when they are all operating as normal, no one is immune to lag and connectivity problems. Thankfully, the game has a new series of lag symbols to inform players exactly what the issue is. Once you know that, a fix should be easier to come by.

Here, we’re running through all six symbols (thanks to @mrsteyk1) and what they mean, so players can diagnose and solve any connection issues.

Every Apex Legends lag symbol and its meaning

UCMD Delay (Input Lag)

Apex Legends UCMD Delay symbol

First up, a circular symbol with a zig-zag line through it represents UCMD Delay. This means there is input lag between the player entering their command and it occurring in-game.

There are a number of causes for Input Lag, but simple fixes like using a wired controller connection or a gaming monitor can help considerably.

Lag Compensation Error

Apex Legends Lag Compensation Error Symbol

Next up, a circle with a ‘rewind’ symbol in it next to two rectangular files represents a Lag Compensation error. This refers to the server using a player’s latency to rewind time when processing a user command, therefore replicating the scenario that was occurring when the player entered their command.

An error with this rewind can manifest in a number of ways, but mostly in the player’s game glitching and jumping.

Data Error

Data Error Apex Legends Symbol

The above symbol featuring a large microphone represents a Data Error. It means that your game is struggling to process related data and your game’s connection is suffering as a result.

Unfortunately, neither a cause nor a fix are clear. If you’re persistently struggling with this, we’d recommend reaching out to Respawn.


Starvation Apex Legends Symbol

The above symbol of a blank clock next to a microphone means Starvation. In computing, this refers to a scenario in which a process cannot be completed because the necessary resources are not present.

This may well refer to players’ internet connection not being strong enough to carry out the commands and the online gameplay but again, a concrete cause is unknown.

Issue Marker

Apex Legends Issue Marker Symbol

The penultimate new symbol shows a location pin drop symbol next to a microphone. It signifies an Issue Marker.

Unfortunately, this is another that doesn’t appear to have a known cause or fix.


Limits Apex Legends Symbol

The sixth and final symbol, with ascending bars next to a speaker means Limits. This is thought to be referring to a player’s internet hitting its capacity and struggling to carry out the in-game action required.

That’s all the new Apex Legends lag symbols explained. Unfortunately, causes and fixes for a number are not yet clear, but we’ll do our best to fill in the blanks moving forwards.

Your best bet, for now, is probably to consult EA Help and go from there.