Respawn responds to Apex Legends’ input lag making game “unplayable”

Respawn Entertainment

Respawn are working on input lag in Apex Legends affecting certain Xbox players, who say it’s been a recurring problem in the last few weeks.

It seems like players have been feeling the lag since the Awakening Collection Event update that kicked off on June 21. Since then, they’ve been flagging the studio about the problem through channels on Reddit, Twitter and the like.

As expected, the devs are working to fix the Apex input issues but didn’t have much of a timeline to share – to the dismay of some people who’ve been reporting bad cases of lag.

“We’re still working on a fix for this one. Thank you for your patience here,” they said. Although it wasn’t what people wanted to hear at the time, the devs mostly followed the script of how they handle turnaround for these bugs.

Shortly after the Season 12 update, players on numerous platforms reported multiple instances of lag on Olympus. Respawn similarly addressed the issue a day later before coming out with a fix not long before.

This time around, the input lag is mainly affecting Xbox players. There are clips showing consistent button presses taking longer than ideal to register on the game’s end.

Though players have been on stand-by for a fix, some are getting antsy since they’ve also been contending with Game Chat issues since the Apex next-gen update in late March.

“Last night it was unplayable, just trying to see if the issue has been fixed or at least acknowledged yet?” one user said. “Haven’t seen any updates in the pinned post so figured I’d just ask here.

“I can deal with game chat not working since the next gen update on next gen consoles, but if this input delay doesn’t get resolved, it’s quite literally no fun and unplayable at that point.”

We’ll have to wait to hear from the studio as the Apex community sits tight until Respawn can nail down a meaningful fix for the input lags.